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Your IT Career Path

Is It Time for Your Next Career Move or “Escape?”

We Make Job Search Goals Happen.

From designing your executive resume or technical resume to launching your job search to coaching you through salary negotiations, we are a full-service boutique firm that specializes in reducing the length of your job search by as much as 70% (think of all the time you get back!) and in positioning you in the job market to land not just the next job but one that understands your value.

Executive IT & Technical Resume and Job Search Solutions

So, from all types of engineering to biotech to pharma to telecom to manufacturing to all things IT, our goal is to design and execute on a job search strategy for you that is:

Siuncommon the book with stephen van vreedemplified. Targeted. Certain.

Whether you need an IT resume writer, It resume writing services, IT resumes and executive resumes are our many specialties. That and MORE with your IT job search!

Our IT resume writing services can help.
My name is Stephen Van Vreede, and I help plan the next “escape” everyday for my global senior-level clients as an Executive Resume Writer and Job Search Strategist, as well as a Technical Career Adviser to several news/industry outlets, like TechRepublic, Dice, the Linux Foundation, and I’m also a best-selling co-author with business development guru, Brian Tracy, of UNCOMMON.

Together with my team of writers and concierge job search agent, at ITtechExec, we work with established “techies” (15+ years) around the world, from those who lead technical and engineering initiatives, such as through project/program management, to strategy visionaries like CIOs/CTOs and technology/telecom VPs, to enterprise architects and senior-level developers.

tech recruiters IT career advisers**If you have 5-15 years of experience and are in the IT/tech arena, we have a special site just for you and where you are in your career called NoddlePlace.**

Making a Career Move in Today’s Job Market Can Be Uncertain…

But here’s the good news:

You Can Be Certain in an Uncertain Market!

From your IT resume portfolio and personal branding, to your job search launch, to your next internal promotion, to your country-to-country (or state-to-state) transition, we cover all the bases to create a unified strategy for how to be successful in this tech job market that makes 1) the transition simpler for you, 2) targeted toward your specific market, and 3) certain that you are well prepared to meet whatever the hiring process throws your way.

Brian Tracy career advice“What surprised me most was how unexpectedly excited and motivated I was when I saw the revised version of my resume for the first time. Now, I have a great marketing platform that will do a much better job of presenting me, highlighting my strengths, and delivering my message to potential employers. A resume is a living document, and now I’ve made it past the ‘resurrection’ and am in a great position to be able to tweak and fine-tune it for different opportunities and markets,” D. Thorburn-Gundlach, Enterprise Architect, Atlanta, GA

“I really didn’t think I needed job search ‘help’. After all, I had been in the industry for 25 years. Shouldn’t I know everything there is to know about searching for a job by now? But the truth was, even though I might be established in my field, I’m not an expert on the job market. I rather do the job than look for one. And when I started working with ITtechExec, I realized just how little I actually knew about today’s market. It was nice not to have to ‘go it alone’,” A. Smith, Aerospace Engineer, Columbus, OH

So, is it time to make your escape and move on to the next stage in your career?

There’s a reason we’ve been featured in so many technology news outlets. These leading publishers know that we closely monitor and adapt to the latest demands of the technical job market and achieve upward of 70% reduction in job search time for our clients as a result of our high-performance executive resume and job search solutions for technology leaders and professionals:

IT job search online Dice

Here’s how we can help:

1. Start by learning more about us and getting the complete details about our approach.

2. Go ahead and book a free 30-minute “Upcoming Career Move Prep” phone or Skype session with me.

Simply pick a date on the calendar and then scroll down to see the open slots available in your time zone. Once you schedule the appointment, we will both receive confirmation of your appointment. It’s that simple!

Best regards,


P.S.: You can also email me directly at or connect with me on LinkedIn too: 

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Remember when a job search was pretty much a solo effort? Maybe you never even really had to try, jobs just kind of came to you? Today’s job market zoo makes it tougher to “go it alone,” and corporate hiring/retention is so full of “goo” it’s, well, irrational. Our NoNonsense job Search Agent takes you from resume to job search “launch” while you keep your sanity! Meet Us ›


Most projects fall for lack of a proper strategy. There’s too much pressure to either do it the way it’s always been done or overreact to the trends. Even worse is this tendency to give up. That’s why we begin by conducting our Upcoming Career Move Prep Session that will reduce the stress, build the proper strategy, and give you a reason to look forward to what’s next. Try Us ›


Adaptation is key. So whether you’re an external job seeker looking for a
new role, a consultant going for the next contract, or an internal leader
seeking promotion, we make it simple. Taking a customized
portfolio-based approach that blends old and new (such as Infographics),
we cut through all the noise to meet today’s market demands for you.
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