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The Difference Strategic Networking Can Make

Meet Ally. Ally is a Program Manager for a midsize firm who would like to go back to a Senior Project Manager role at a Fortune 500. She would like to make this move for the simple fact that she much prefers overseeing projects versus project managers. Turns out, she’s very good at it and […]

IT Employment Expert Stephen Van Vreede Says The Switch To Cloud Is A Workplace Culture Issue

CEO of ITtechExec Stephen Van Vreede explains how, rather than a pragmatic or financial issue, debates over switching companies to the cloud all begin as culture issues. Rochester, NY — June 10, 2015 — Stephen Van Vreede, CEO of ITtechExec, published a new blog post titled “How To Get Your Company to Move to the Cloud.” […]

IT Enterprise Architecture Director (in MN) Candidate Profile

Technology Leader with 18 years of Enterprise Architecture, IT Governance, SOA & BPM Experience: History of progressive technology career accountability, supporting healthcare and financial services operations Successful in leading teams through all aspects of technology strategy roadmap design and execution Adept at creating scalable and repeatable infrastructure solutions Effective in engaging internal IT and business […]

Hitting the Job Search Brick Wall

I often get asked about the typical technical professional we come across at ITtechExec and NoddlePlace and the type of situation(s) he or she is facing when we first start working together. Rather than describe these professionals, however, I thought I would let them two of them tell their own stories.

What to Expect from Employer Profiling

Although job boards continue to be the least effective job search method, they remain the one most frequently used. And we get why. They’re alluring. It sounds like the jobs are right there, just waiting for you. You know there is an immediate need, and you know you can fill it. They make it so simple […]

Finance, Compliance & Business Controls Leader (in CA) Candidate Profile

Finance Executive with 15+ years of Financial Operations, Forecasting, Data Management & Reporting, and Finance Systems Risk, Audit & Compliance experience: History of progressive career accountability, supporting financial initiatives across corporate, division, and field operations Successful in leading teams through all aspects of strategic vision design and execution Adept at creating Risk Frameworks and Rules […]

Strategic IT & Product Development Leader (in PA) Candidate Profile

IT Executive with 10 years of Organizational Change, Performance Optimization, and Innovative Solution Delivery experience

Senior IT Infrastructure Manager (NL, Canada) Candidate Profile

IT Director with 14 years of developing advanced solutions and providing exemplary service delivery and support

Healthcare IT Infrastructure Director (in OH) Candidate Profile

IT Operations/Infrastructure Leader combines 15 years of network engineering with MBA/ITIL Certification

Information Systems Architect (in NC) Candidate Profile

Information Systems Engineer with 30+ years of IT design and development experience

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