Boost Your Image to Boost Your Salary

I recently read a series of posts by a colleague of mine on what candidates should and should not do when negotiating a pay raise at their current company. The information was largely accurate and relevant, instructing candidates to avoid arguments that focus on fairness, need, or length of tenure while emphasizing performance and success. […]

Should You Talk Openly About Your Income?

What would you do if you found out your colleagues were making significantly more than you for the exact same work? Think back to all of those times you stayed late at the office. The skipped lunch breaks. Missed social opportunities. And especially all of those brilliant ideas of yours that helped your organization save […]

How To Ask For the Salary You Deserve

You might be worth a million bucks, but you could wind up with a fraction of that number if you make the wrong salary negotiation moves. Most people aren’t thrilled at the prospect of salary negotiation, which is understandable. Done incorrectly, it can feel like a tense argument that leaves everyone offended and unhappy. But […]

IT Employment Expert Stephen Van Vreede Says Strive For Workplace Equality Systemically And Personally

CEO of ITtechExec Stephen Van Vreede discusses gender equality in tech workplaces, explaining that changes must happen at both individual and structural levels. Rochester, NY — May 27, 2015 — Stephen Van Vreede, CEO of ITtechExec, published a new blog post titled “Women in Tech: Top 5 Career-Building Tips.” In the post, he shares with […]

Kick in the Pants: How to Ace a Video Interview

Kick in the Pants: How to Ace a Video Interview So you got the interview. Congratulations. But you don’t have the job yet. If the only thing that’s between you and your dream job is a video interview, it’s crucial for you to be extra prepared. Video interviews pose a whole new set of challenges for […]

IT Employment Expert Stephen Van Vreede Says High Paying Tech Jobs Are Becoming More Widely Available

The Tech Job Search CEO of ITtechExec Stephen Van Vreede talks about TechHire, the Obama administration’s answer to the 500,000 high-paying job openings in the tech and IT fields. Rochester, NY — May 12, 2015 — Stephen Van Vreede, CEO of ITtechExec, published a new blog post titled “Why Higher-Paying Tech Jobs Are Just Around […]

When You and Your Technical Recruiter Aren’t a Good Match

Choosing – or finding – the right technical recruiter for you can be vitally important in your IT job search Whether you love technical recruiters or avoid them like the plague, the fact is they do play a part in the IT hiring process. In fact, in today’s tech job market, they play an even […]

See, Techies, Strong Writing Skills Can Lead to Better Pay

I’ve harped on this before, and for good reason. Our writing skills matter perhaps more than ever in today’s “remote” working age, and they are especially important for the technical professional. This infographic from Grammarly shows how writing skills can equate to your bottomline: your salary. Having worked with IT, engineering, manufacturing, telecom, medical device, […]

Tech Salaries Continue to Rise

According to an article published by at the end of January, technical professionals saw a 3% growth in salary in 2013, with an average of $87,811 across the US (Silicon Valley boasted the highest paying area with an average of $108,603…of course, have you tried to live in Silicon Valley lately?).

One Interview Tip You Haven’t Heard

In the laundry list of interview tips (most of them good) that are floating around out there, there is one you probably haven’t heard before…Because it is a fundamental “law,” if you will, in the art of persuasion, which is really what a job interview is after all.

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