Resume and Job Search Strategy for an Aerospace Engineer Program Executive

Every candidate faces some unique challenges, which is why it is so important to work with an executive resume writer and job search coach who have a deep understanding of the industry and the market. Let’s take a look at one client we worked with recently who had a unique challenge of her own. Suzanne […]

Results of Corporate Entrepreneur Poll

Last week I put out a call for responses to a poll asking our audience what the phrase “corporate entrepreneur” meant to them. This topic of corporate entrepreneurship will encompass my contribution to my upcoming book Uncommon with Brian Tracy (Spring 2015), and I wanted to get a sense of what professionals out there thought […]

The Rise of the Machine and How It Is Going to Change the World

I am pleased to present an article today from a top innovator in today’s technology field, Fasih Sandhu. Fasih writes extensively on the Industrial Internet as well as on the Internet of Everything through his blogs at I asked Fasih if he would provide my tech readership with an overview of the current state of the Industrial Internet.

Big Oil & The IT Industry: When Two Giants Shake Hands

Throughout the day-to-day running of my firms ITtechExec and NoddlePlace, I come across many fascinating individuals who are out there considering the topics of today’s industry and looking at innovative ways of addressing them. Dr. Byron K. Wallace is one of those people.
Having worked in the oil industry for more than 22 years, Dr. Wallace has used his vast experience to examine the impact of IT on big oil, which has resulted in the release of his book, Big Oil & the IT Industry: When Two Giants Shake Hands.
Because I know IT innovation is near and dear to my clients, I asked Dr. Wallace to submit a summary of his book.

The following text is what he submitted to me:

Big Oil & the IT Industry: When Two Giants Shake Hands is mostly based upon the outcome of my research which embarked on a journey to determine if the amount of oil production is synonymously related to the number of information technology (IT) projects oil and gas companies implement. The book revolves around historical facts and current world events, showcasing the relevance and indifference when the “Old meets the New” world, explaining the content in a more exciting, informative way while at the same time emphasizing my main idea: exploring the good and the bad this New World of technological advancement has brought us and how the oil industry copes with the demands.
This book is meant to be practical and yet useful to many, especially to those who work for the petroleum corporations and within the IT industry along with students.
After reading this book, my hope is that readers will have a passing know-how of almost all of the important ideas in the world of IT and the oil industry, and how the game of monopoly is played out in a real, live business setting and a glimpse of the people running the show.
Unlike other published non-fiction books out there with much data structure, illustrations and boring explanations, which give readers a desire to want to skip through the data to reach the “fun parts,” Big Oil & the IT Industry is not like that. Instead I introduce my facts and arguments in a more, let’s say, fun way, without taking away from the meat of the matter, and spinning in tens of circles leaving readers bored and uninterested.
The language is simple and not hard to grasp. By throwing my own experiences into the midst and bringing out more sparks by comparing the past to the present and allowing our readers to see the picture without having to look at a visual aid to know what the author is trying to convey, it is also a great way to see bits and pieces of who Dr. Byron K. Wallace really is, my work. Although the topic seems to be different having to mix IT funding and IT projects implementation as a subject of discussion, the outcome is fascinatingly intriguing and factual and will certainly raise questions and debate.
Big Oil and the IT Industry evaluates the intriguing adoption of information technology budgets and its investment practices.
The book also covers increased organizational productivity and how it does not influence IT innovation project investments.
The petroleum industry covers a wide range of possibilities; it is also very unstable and unpredictable, and yet, it is undoubtedly one of the most powerful industries. The oil and gas rollercoaster throughout history has made scholars and Academia spin their heads trying to figure out what will happen next over the coming years.
Meanwhile both policy and decision makers in global organizations cite the need for changes within the business environment that influence the need for IT in their respective arenas.
Although it is true that the production of oil continues to be rendered equally, it should stabilize a country, keeping the wolves at bay and peace among mega-mogul business corporations. In contrast, information technology doesn’t have the same fragileness and the fact that it’s in demand and now serves as the backbone that helps strengthen our economy, IT has become the new fad taking over almost every inch of our lives. The subtitle of the book “When two Giants Shake Hands” will clearly emphasize how information technology works and why businesses are keeping a close eye on IT and what drives the changes.

Dr. Byron K. Wallace has an undergraduate degree in Electronics Engineering Technology from Grambling University, and a Masters degree in Information Systems Management from the University of Phoenix. In 2012 he obtained his doctorate degree of Management in Organizational Leadership with a specialization in Information Systems Technology also from the University of Phoenix. He has worked for 21 years as an IT Infrastructure Specialist for Chevron North American Exploration & Production. He also has had the privilege to work in Angola Africa for Chevron International Exploration & Production where he mentored and supervised National Employees on all aspects of the Process Control network, Device security, Password Protection, and database development process. He is a certified Microsoft System Engineer, Cisco Certified Network Associate, Certified Comp TiA Security, and VMware vSphere 4.
He also teaches online for Liberty University, Indiana Wesleyan University, and Everest College as an Adjunct Professor specializing in the Information Technology arena.
Dr. Byron K. Wallace is an enthusiastic public speaker, intelligent, good mentor, friend, devoted husband, and a loving father to his two boys. He is a man with a happy heart that cares and always the kind who strives to attain his big dreams no matter how hard it may seem; yet his main goal is to bring honor and pride to his family.
For more information, you may contact him via his website or via e-mail at

The Engineering Job Market: 2014 and Beyond

Overall, the market for biomedical engineers and civil engineers seems to be trending the best, but engineering as whole is expected to grow steadily through to 2018.

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