“Brain Day” Facilitator

I was recently asked by the Career Thought Leaders (CTL) to facilitate the Virtual Brain Day Event covering the Eastern US. Brain Day is an event for career services professionals to brainstorm about the now, the new, and the next in the careers field. This includes discussions about the resume, LinkedIn profile, cover letter, executive […]

Executive Job Search TweetChat

The Executive Job Search can be a challenge. Where does one even begin in today’s tough market? Well, I will be serving as an Expert Panelist for a twitter chat on just this topic hosted by Executive Career Search leader BlueSteps. The chat will take place on Tuesday September 17th at 12:30pm Eastern. Simply sign […]

IT Job Market: Into the Cloud We Go!

Our Tech Career Forum panel discussed the topic of cloud computing and how it is impacting and will impact the IT job market. We held a twitter chat on Wed 2/27 at 3pm ET (#TCFchat). By the way, love the comic here showing Moses as an early adopter of cloud technology =) Our discussion highlighted […]

Cloud Impact on the Future of the IT Job Market

The Cloud…that magical place where technology “just happens.” Well, that’s what most non-techies think of the cloud based on their impression from those Microsoft Windows 7 commercials a few years back…the one where, to solve a problem, they just “go to the cloud!” We’re going to talk about the cloud..not the pretend magical one, but […]

Job Impact of IT Outsourcing Recap

Outsourcing of business processes (BPO), including IT services and support, has been going on for many years. Our panel discussed the short-term and long-term impact to the US job market. Of course, this discussion extends beyond simply the number of jobs to the quality of the jobs and the ability to cultivate the tech talent […]

Technology Offshore Outsourcing Impact on IT Jobs

Viewed as a boon to the company bottom line, offshore outsourcing in the tech industry has been seen in a negative light by IT workers and many others. In our Tech Career Forum twitter chat on Wed 2/13 at 3pm ET (#TCFchat), we’ll chat about the state of IT outsourcing and the impact on jobs […]

The Modern-Day CTO Recap

The modern-day CTO role is somewhat different from 20 years ago. As more companies become tech-based organizations, the need to a CTO has expanded. Some companies now blur the lines between the CIO and CTO.  So our panel tweeted about these distinctions and about how a CTO candidate should position themselves in today’s job market. […]

The CTO Role in 2013

The role of CTO has changed over the years. As a result, companies are looking for different skill sets today compared with 15 or 20 years ago when recruiting a new CTO. Join us to discuss this topic in our next Tech Career Forum twitter chat on Wednesday 2/6 at 3pm Eastern by using the […]

Tech Recruiting Do’s and Don’ts for 2013

On Wednesday 1/30 at 3pm ET, we’re talked about working with a technical recruiter for this year. This included some things that really turn recruiters off when reviewing a resume and when conducting an interview. It also included things that get recruiters excited. So you can check out the full Storify recap. You can also […]

Tech Recruiting Do’s and Don’ts for 2013

For some candidates, particularly in the IT and technical fields, recruiting is a mystery. They are not sure what to make of the process, the people involved, and the expected outcomes. But the most common questions surround what to do and what not to do when engaging a recruiter. So on Wednesday 1/30 at 3pm […]

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