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CIO/CTO/Executive VP with 20+ years of Technology Leadership and Management expertise

Technical Recruiting Demystified

If you’re confused about the whole recruiting scene, this will help provide a little clarity. On 10/3, David Graziano, technical recruiter for GE, joined us for a weekly #TCFchat on twitter at 3pm ET. Dave and our panel discussed the difference between external recruiters and internal recruiters as well as internal recruiters and HR. We […]

Tech Recruiter: Ask the Expert

If you have trouble understanding what role recruiters play in the job search, this is the forum for you. When it comes to recruiters, there are so many unanswered questions. Get the answers this Wednesday 10/3 at 3pm ET on twitter at #TCFchat. GE technical recruiter Dave Graziano will be our special guest star. Dave […]

CIO & IT Team Inspiration Innovation

On Wednesday, 9/26 an “expert” panel convened on Twitter at #TCFchat to discuss the topic of IT leadership effectively motivating their technical teams. We initially questioned the apparent ineffectiveness of “canned” HR programs with technical professionals. Why do these programs fall flat? We also debated the role of HR, HR leadership, and the CIO in […]

CIO & IT Leader Strategies for Motivating Tech Pros

The canned HR programs that companies put into place may work fine for most corporate employees, but they don’t seem to have much effect on IT and technical professionals. I know from experience that most techies–whether in IT, engineering, telecommunications, call center, or any other technical discipline–are a skeptical bunch. But still, aren’t they excited […]

Ageism and Generation Gap Issues in the IT Resume and Job Search

In the IT field, many people feel that it is the “evolutionary” cycle for the old to give way to the young. In today’s world, sometimes it happens prematurely and other times not soon enough. Companies should evaluate each individual based on the work they do and the value they provide for internal opportunities and […]

#IT Job Trends and IT Employment Trends: Age/Generation Gap

Do IT job trends and IT employment trends show an age and generation gap? Many feel that there is a glaring difference between older and younger workers in the technology arena. At the two ends of the extreme you have: a) Younger workers wanting to get an opportunity to prove themselves, helping their overall marketability […]

Job Search Networking, Newtorking, Networking

Networking is the primary means candidates should use to get a job, according to most top career services professionals. But what do they mean when they talk about networking…and how does one really go about doing it effectively? I mean, not everyone is good at networking, right? Does it really work like many claim? Can […]

Challenges HR faces enabling IT and tech departments

Our #TCFchat discussion this week (held 8/22 on Twitter at 3pm Eastern) was centered on the unique challenges that HR faces when working with tech departments, particularly IT. Many IT folks feel that HR doesn’t do nearly enough to support them properly, especially when it comes to hiring and retention. Is this perception or reality? […]

Great Leadership Part II

  In our review of this week’s #TCFchat discussion (held 8/15 on Twitter at 3pm Eastern), we’ll look at the topic of leadership . Here are some of the highlights: 1. What traits define a great leader? Are they different in business from other areas of life? Perseverance Willingness to Get Hands Dirty Willingness to […]

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