Kick in the Pants: How to Stop Wasting Your Time and Find the Ultimate Recruiter

In today’s job market, there’s perhaps no worse feeling than sending out an unsolicited application to an opening you read about online, knowing that you’ll likely never even get a response. We’ve all been there, trolling the job boards, checking companies’ websites, and poking around LinkedIn for the next great opportunity. When the facts show […]

A Career in IT: Is It “All Ball Bearings Nowadays?”

Today, I want to use it to talk about some changes occurring in the IT job market that are shifting the landscape of what it means to have a “career in IT.” Right now there seems to be two camps, and they aren’t necessarily opposed to one another. One says that the IT job market is ripe for non-IT people because soft skills are paramount. The other says those with true tech knowledge (and industry experience…and a desire to be more in “management”) will be moved into other business areas within the organization with a dotted line back to old “IT.” Together, these camps create a new image for the IT career path.

IT: Your Friendly Neighborhood Strategic Business Partner

We’ve been witnessing a major transition in the role of IT in most organizations from service provider (or resident “firefighter”) to strategic business partner for some time now. Or at least we have been witnessing a lot of “talk” about this transition.

Does Your Career Hinge on Perception or Reality?

I was having a conversation with someone in the telecommunications field the other day, and she was telling me that she has a new director for her department. Within minutes of starting their first one-on-one meeting, the director quickly explained that his leadership style was based on perception over reality. What he meant was that […]

In 2014 Tech Job Market, Ignorance Is Not Bliss

With the plethora of job openings in the tech industry, and a shortage of talent (aka “a shortage of talent that the companies want”), it pays to listen to what they are asking for, despite whether you have hands-on tech experience or not.

Now That Techies Are Cool

With a plethora of job openings in the tech sector, it should come as no surprise that those who once thought they would rather do anything else but program code or work with “tech” (much less hang out with those who do) are now suddenly changing their tune. It also doesn’t hurt that the title of “geek” or “techie” is suddenly something cool, thanks to the rise of innovators like Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg.

Waiting Around for Technical Career Advancement Is Time Consuming!

In this post, I am going to discuss what seems to be the least thing that motivates us when it comes to career management: time.

Techies and Likeability: Do They Go Together?

Now, I hope no one will get offended by what is clearly meant to be somewhat tongue and cheek with a bit of truth mixed in. The truth part is that our beloved, hardcore techie geeks are not known on a general level for being the most, well, likeable. And by likeable, I mean engaging, charismatic, and socially aware.

The Career Referral Engine

John Jantsch wrote a book called The Referral Engine that has been a great resource for us here at ITtechExec. Not only does it highlight how to tap into any business’s dream, happy customers who refer you to other potential customers (and thus saving you loads of precious marketing dollars), but in the end, it helps you build a company that does more than just “sell” a product, hoping to trick someone into buying it; it gives you the satisfaction of knowing that you built a company full of clients who actually look forward to referring you. As I was reviewing Jantsch’s book again recently, I began thinking about how corporate professional could and should apply many of these same principles to their career moves…well before they even start considering their next job search.

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