2012 #Tech Job Market: To Stay or Not to Stay

ExecuNet released its Job Market Intelligence Report for 2012 not too long ago. With a 14% increase in job placements (assignments) expected throughout 2012, the top 3 growth industries or sectors are projected to be 1) Healthcare, 2) Technology, and 3) Manufacturing.

Hey, Consultants, You Are #Entrepreneurs Too

There’s a lot of talk these days about taking on consulting roles when a permanent one just isn’t available. Although I understand the strategy, I do think the advice can be a bit flippant, as if being a consultant should just be a temporary thing and is only a means to an end. The problem is that being a consultant is really about being an entrepreneur, about running a business. And that is something that most people coming out of the corporate mindset have little experience with.

IT: 10 Reasons IT Has a Bad Reputation

By Stephen Van Vreede (@ITtechExec) A May 5th article in TechRepublic.com (10 Reasons IT Pros Get a Bad Rap) provides a list of reasons why there is such a negative perception of the IT department in general and IT workers specifically. Three of the ten reasons listed I don’t agree with whole-heartedly. #1 :”We’re considered […]

IT: Why It Is Despised

Why does everyone seem to hate the IT department? Why do they all blame IT for failed projects? Are they right?

The ITtechExec Way

Some good points here for the medical IT arena, but which certainly apply to other industries as well.

Best IT Salaries (by City)

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IT Candidates & Tech Jobs: What’s the Disconnect?

So much is made today about the fact (or myth) that there aren’t any technical jobs out there. What I have heard from employers (and found to be true) is that they simply cannot find quality candidates to fill technical openings they have been trying to fill for quite some time. A current sampling of the technical jobs site Dice.com finds more than 83,000 job openings as of February 7, 2012.

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