Kick in the Pants: How to Find the Best Mentor For Your Career

If there’s one thing that separates wildly successful people from everybody else, it’s often the presence of a mentor. In the IT and tech worlds as in life, we can’t do everything on our own. We need good advice, a sounding board, and the perspective of somebody who understands where we’re coming from. So why […]

Your Tech Job Search – The Real Skinny: You Don’t Have to Move to Silicon Valley to Find a Great Tech Job

Looking for the perfect tech job or IT job for you? Your tech job search doesn’t have to be difficult or force you to relocate somewhere else across the country. When you’re frustrated with your tech job search, it’s tempting to think of moving to an area where it seems like people are getting hired […]

What To Do If Your Company Gets Acquired

There’s nothing employees want to hear less than that their company is about to go through a merger or an acquisition. But in the tech sector especially, the shifting tides of the marketplace mean that these changes are a reality many people must face. While it’s tempting to bury your head in the sand until […]

Kick in the Pants: Work-Life Balance: What The Experts Are Saying

Work. Life. Balance. These are three of the most problematic words for employers and employees alike. How do you know if you have enough of it? Maybe you have too much of it? Are you working yourself to the bone? Or are people’s careers skyrocketing ahead of you because you focus too much on your […]

The Real Skinny: Will Workplace Perks Make You Happier In Your Job?

People in tech have one big benefit over people in other industries: the awesome workplace perks. We’ve all heard about the free meals, massages, and gym memberships that some companies use to herd all of the best talent their way. And yes, if your particular workplace doesn’t offer high-caliber perks, you might feel a little […]

Kick in the Pants: 5 Ways You Can Start Thinking Like an Entrepreneur

If you’ve been taking a slow, leisurely climb up the career ladder, listen up: It’s time to stop being passive and start thinking like an entrepreneur. These days, it’s no longer your employer’s responsibility to plan out the next 20 years of your career — it’s yours. Work is changing, and if you want to […]

You Don’t Have to Be Corporate to Work Here, But It Helps

It’s a pretty pessimistic world these days. And although some forecasters see bright skies coming up over the job market horizon, others see only gloom mixed with a little doom. So, clearly, it depends on whom you talk to and on the world view or outlook you’ve decided to go with.

Job Impact of IT Outsourcing Recap

Outsourcing of business processes (BPO), including IT services and support, has been going on for many years. Our panel discussed the short-term and long-term impact to the US job market. Of course, this discussion extends beyond simply the number of jobs to the quality of the jobs and the ability to cultivate the tech talent […]

Tech Job Market: 2012 Year in Review

2012 has been an interesting year for the IT and tech industry. We are going to review some of the highlights…and lowlights… and discuss how these events may shape the year to come. We’ll also review what the events of 2012 mean to active and passive job seekers going into 2013. Join the discussion and […]

Blame It on the Economy; Everyone Else Does

When I first began as a career consultant, the economy wasn’t great. Then it got better. Then it tanked. In all three scenarios, however, one thing remained the same: Job seekers were ill-prepared to conduct a job search, and it was always the economy’s fault (yes, even in a good economy!). If this market were just doing better, or if that law were passed, or if this company were more viable…I’ve heard them all (and as a small business owner, I’ve had to navigate through the very same economies).
So why should job seekers be any different?

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