Project Management & Conflict: What? Really?

I know it’s hard to believe (he says tongue in cheek), but project management is often ripe with conflict.

Construction Project Manager (PE in AZ/CA) Candidate Profile

Construction Project Manager w/ 20 years experience. PE with civil engineering Master’s degree

IT: 10 Reasons IT Has a Bad Reputation

By Stephen Van Vreede (@ITtechExec) A May 5th article in (10 Reasons IT Pros Get a Bad Rap) provides a list of reasons why there is such a negative perception of the IT department in general and IT workers specifically. Three of the ten reasons listed I don’t agree with whole-heartedly. #1 :”We’re considered […]

Job Search Requirements Elicitation (Part 1)

When most of us begin a job search, we rush into it without taking the time to really assess where it is we want to go. Typically, all we can think about is, “I just need a job.” “I would like it to be in field X.” We shy away from the idea of writing a short-term goals statement or in eliciting the proper requirements for our project: finding a new position. That is why at ITtechExec, we believe in using project management lifecycle terminology to help guide a client through the job search process.

4 IT Resume Tips for IT Project Managers and Program Managers

As an IT project manager, what can you possibly list on a resume or when putting together your personal brand to separate you from the rest of the PMPs?

IT: Why It Is Despised

Why does everyone seem to hate the IT department? Why do they all blame IT for failed projects? Are they right?

Think Job Search Management Lifecycle

Job seekers often tell me that they have the skills for the job they want, but they don’t have the skills to conduct an effective job search. I often find that odd because so many of them are exposed to concepts within their companies that provide them with good tools if they just knew how to use them. The project management concept is one of those tools.

CIO & IT Career Project Management: How to Plan for Success

As I work with senior-level IT leaders, IT operations directors, as well as IT program and project managers, I hear more and more about failed technology implementations. Not that the technology itself failed, although that certainly happens too. What really intrigues me is the level of project failure from an operational, functional, and process standpoint.

Must-Have IT Certifications

by Sheree Van Vreede (@rezlady) Certs can come and go or be outdated as fast as the technology they support. But in today’s job market, having the desired IT certifications can certainly open doors (no matter what you may quietly think of them). They have been, and continue to be, a strong differentiator in hiring. Here is […]

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