From the Corporate Goo to the Job Market Zoo (to You)

Spend a few minutes on social media wading through career and job search advice, and you are bound to here lots of pronouncements about how companies are determined to find the best talent, that there is a severe shortage of top talent, and that companies are investing more resources than ever in finding this top talent.

#IT Candidates Highlighted

At ITtechExec, our goal is to comprehensively assist professionals in their tech job search or IT job search. This includes fine-tuning their tech resume or IT resumes whenever needed. One of our goals here at ITtechExec is to offer a value-added service to our customization of a complete messaging portfolio for our IT/technical clients in their […]

#CIO vs. #CTO Faceoff: Part II

Do you understand the difference between CIO vs CTO? The CIO vs CTO roles are often confused as being the same. Far from it! They are quite distinct. The discussion, held on twitter’s #TCFchat, included whether a technology leader can be both a CIO and a CTO; the type of innovation important to a CIO vs […]

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