3 Resume Tips for Project Managers to Boost Marketability

How can project managers, BAs, and PMO leaders be more effective with their job search? Here’s 3 resume tips that can super-charge your performance in the market.

Kick in the Pants: How to Find the Best Mentor For Your Career

If there’s one thing that separates wildly successful people from everybody else, it’s often the presence of a mentor. In the IT and tech worlds as in life, we can’t do everything on our own. We need good advice, a sounding board, and the perspective of somebody who understands where we’re coming from. So why […]

Your Tech Job Search – The Real Skinny: You Don’t Have to Move to Silicon Valley to Find a Great Tech Job

Looking for the perfect tech job or IT job for you? Your tech job search doesn’t have to be difficult or force you to relocate somewhere else across the country. When you’re frustrated with your tech job search, it’s tempting to think of moving to an area where it seems like people are getting hired […]

Problems-Solutions-Results: Is PSR Part of Your IT Resume Portfolio?

Although there are a variety of factors involved with any IT job search, in this particular case, the IT director who successfully landed a new position had something in his arsenal that made a big impact in each and every interview he engaged in: a PSR page. In addition to the standard IT resume sections like the IT executive summary and IT resume profile, the PSR page is vital.

Is Your IT Resume Ready to Face the Tech Talent War?

Here are some tips for positioning your IT resume to meet the demands of this tech talent war.

#IT Candidates Highlighted

At ITtechExec, our goal is to comprehensively assist professionals in their tech job search or IT job search. This includes fine-tuning their tech resume or IT resumes whenever needed. One of our goals here at ITtechExec is to offer a value-added service to our customization of a complete messaging portfolio for our IT/technical clients in their […]

How to Write Tech Resumes, IT Resumes, or Technology Resumes

Are You Certain About Your IT Resume? We’ve created a simple way to find out! (Take Our Quiz!) Dear IT Pro, If you’re like most professionals today, the idea of making a career move is a bit daunting. The market is, well, uncertain. It often penalizes you for things you can’t control, like age, gender, too much […]

IT Resume Tips: IT Candidates Need to Highlight Team Experience

By Stephen Van Vreede (@ITtechExec) IT Team Environments The business landscape has changed dramatically for IT over the past few years. The days of IT folks or departments operating in a vacuum are gone, never to return. Although this is a good development for business as a whole, it has required a change to the […]

The HR Dilemma with IT

By Stephen Van Vreede (@ITtechExec) Defining the Role of HR HR serves many purposes in the corporate world. In most cases, HR helps to set strategy, plan the organizational model, define roles and responsibilities, set compensation levels, manage employee relations, handle orientation (or onboarding as it’s now called), ensure employment compliance, and monitor regulatory and […]

Job Interview Fundamentals

By Stephen Van Vreede (@ITtechExec) Interviewing In a prior post, we talked about the importance of effectively communicating your personal brand message during an interview (Personal Branding and the Interview: Closing the Loop). This post, however, focuses on some of the fundamentals of an interview that people can’t seem to grasp. If they do, they […]

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