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Dear Tech Pro,

My name is Stephen Van Vreede, and I am a Technical Résumé Writer and Job Search Strategist. I’m also a Technical Job Search Adviser for TechRepublic, CIO.com, and Dice, where I have been featured extensively, as well as a Co-author of the career/life development book UNCOMMON with business leader Brian Tracy (released 2015).

If you will grant me one simple favor … I will let you in on the biggest breakthrough in today’s IT job search process.

Here’s what it’s all about: My team and I at ITtechExec have discovered after working with hundreds of technical leaders each year, from CIOs to CTOs to Enterprise Architects and IT Project Managers (and all things IT), the #1 reason most IT pros quit before they truly get started with a job search:

Let’s face it. Making a career move these days is a daunting prospect.

Even with tech jobs on the rise, and social media resources in abundance, finding the time to launch an effective job search (especially if you are currently working another job) that doesn’t require you to lose every free second of your time in the process (much less keep you glued to the Internet much later into the night than you should be) can seem exhausting even before you begin.

Time is a valuable currency, and we all want (and owe it to ourselves) to spend it wisely.

So just imagine what it would do for you and for IT pros like you if you knew there was a way to turn hours into minutes and to focus your job search time more productively?

tech recruiters IT career advisersAfter listening to my client members talk about their frustration in launching an effective and more productive job search and after hearing how much of their precious IT job search or tech job search time they were squandering scouring LinkedIn and other social media sites, my team and I decided to launch first-of-its-kind concierge job search solutions to our members that reduced much of the legwork they had to do, saved them hours in research and frustration, and gave them back time to spend with their families or on preparing for that all important interview!

One of those concierge solutions is called Recruiter Matching. It’s a hands-on, intensive solution where our Job Search Agent develops customized parameters for our members and matches the member with technical recruiters who specifically place for the types of jobs they are looking for AND at the salary point they require. She then takes the next step and introduces the member to the recruiters. It’s a $595 solution that has provided much needed savings in time and frustration (because no one likes to waste time finding and talking to the wrong recruiter!).

Now, Recruiter Matching is exclusive to our client members, those whom we have constructed a complete resume/brand messaging portfolio and job search strategy for.

However, we recognize that although not everyone may be ready for our concierge solutions like Recruiter Matching (and our Employer Profiling), all IT pros can still benefit from the specialized directories we have compiled that really aren’t offered anywhere else. We may not be doing all the matching and introducing, but you still get the benefit of having a complete directory right at your fingertips!

It just seemed silly not to extend our directory of 1350+ U.S.-based technical recruiters to IT pros everywhere. So now we do!

Click Here to Download the Complete Directory of 1350+ Technical Recruiters, in States A-W, for Only $75

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A-W U.S. recruiter list coverThe directory provides:

  • Physical mailing addresses
  • Email addresses
  • Phone numbers
  • Fax numbers

All the information you need to research, reach out, and engage with recruiters who place technical candidates … in an instant!

  • Backed by 30-Day Money Back Guarantee!
  • Includes tips on how to use the list for maximum benefit.

So Do Yourself a Favor!

  • “Thank you, thank you for giving me a resource that would have cost me hundreds of dollars and hundreds of hours to find elsewhere!” Amy G., IT Project Engineer, NYC
  • “When I told my co-workers that I paid for this directory, they all laughed at me. That is until they needed to find a technical recruiter to work with them and they didn’t really know how to begin and took them hours to even try. Now they aren’t laughing!” Ahmed S., IT Project Manager, San Francisco, CA

Click Here to Download the Complete Directory, States A-W, and Get Started for Only $75 (Or, Better Yet, Get it for FREE)

Remember: Of course you can do it all on your own. Think of the hours you could spend on LinkedIn just searching!

But now you don’t have to for much less than the cost of a Premium LinkedIn subscription …

AND you can still have time to watch your children grow up! 🙂

Download the Complete Directory, States A-W, for Only $75

(Or, Better Yet, Get it for FREE When You Book a Free Consult Session)

So Don’t Sell Yourself Short. Don’t Be One of the IT Job Search “Victims.” Don’t Quit Before You Really Get Started!

Get a leg up. Save yourself hours of research time in your IT job search or tech job search and focus on what’s important: How you plan to approach these recruiters once you’ve downloaded the directory!

Best regards,


P.S.: If you want to speak with me, feel free to email me at stephen@ittechexec.com or connect with me on LinkedIn too: View Stephen Van Vreede's profile on LinkedIn 

P.S.S.: Get our free report How You Can Leverage Technical Recruiters to Build a “Career Protection Pipeline”:

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