In 2014 Tech Job Market, Ignorance Is Not Bliss

ProgrammingIn my last couple posts, “Why Our Programming Knowledge Needs an Upgrade” and “Now That Techies Are Cool“, I have been emphasizing the need for basic understanding of programming that has quickly become  a requirement for all staff (tech and non-tech alike) at many tech companies. As I mentioned in those posts, you don’t necessarily need to become an advanced programmer, but you should be able to talk the talk. In other words, ignorance of what it takes for engineers and programmers to build the back end of a project by the sales team or marketing staff is no longer acceptable. For example, if a client asks how long a project build is going to take, it helps to understand something about the challenges involved in coding that type of project before you answer, and it helps to know what  makes your company tick…literally.

Getting Educated

With so many tools out there, finding resources to help you get better acquainted with the various programming languages should not be difficult. The infographic provided here by is a great example. Dabbling in Python would be a great place to start. Learning about APIs would be another.

Figure Out What Isn’t Working

Who knows…maybe brushing up on your knowledge of computer code will even help you on the personal branding/career management side. With the plethora of job openings in the tech industry, and a shortage of talent (aka “a shortage of talent that the companies want”), it pays to listen to what they are asking for, despite whether you have hands-on tech experience or not.

So fix the errors. Take a course. Learn the lingo. Speak Geek.

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