5 Signs You’ve Outgrown Your Job

toon944Having a job that’s easy, high-paying, and totally free from stress sounds too good to be true—but it can also be a sign that you’ve outgrown your job.

For IT and tech workers, the sky is truly the limit to just how far your career can go. People in the industry have active, creative minds that want to be put to great use, solving complex problems and making the world a better place. Nobody wants to waste your brilliant mind in a role that doesn’t demand the best of you. That’s why it’s vital to watch out for the signs of outgrowing your job—and remember, it can sneak up on you faster than you realize.

1 You aren’t challenged anymore.

Work that’s too easy gets old, fast. If you’re not being asked to stretch your abilities, you’ll stagnate instead of grow, which can actually hurt you if you want to take on a more challenging role down the road.

2 You’ve perfected your role and workflow.

Have you automated your tasks and condensed your week’s work into a fraction of the hours it’s supposed to take? It’s time to move on and put those hours you’ve saved to good use.

3 You’re doing way more than your job description.

Managers often ask workers to perform at a higher level for a period of time before giving them a promotion. If you’ve essentially been doing another job for more than six months, it’s time you got a new title—and a raise.

4 You’re bored to death.

Life is too short (and too interesting) to spend time bored. Watching the second hand on the clock? It’s time to move onwards and upwards.

5 You know you could do so much more.

Do you feel constrained by what you’re “allowed” to do as part of your job? Do you see ways you could improve things, but you keep hitting roadblocks from your superiors? It’s time to take that ambition and use it to get yourself a shiny new job—one that asks a lot of you and recognizes you for your amazing contributions.


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