Thank you, thank you, thank you!  I landed a new role supporting a home healthcare organization in their IT integration efforts.

G. Wolf – Technology Transformation Leader

I’ve been told by a few recruiters that my resume is one of the best they’ve ever seen…That’s kudos to you, so thanks!

Sharon N. – Chief Information Officer / CIO

This was incredibly worth it both because of the result as well as for the thought processes and mindset shift I had to go through.

David T. – Chief Enterprise Architect

I figured my resume was something I should just be able to do on my own. But the finished results exceeded my expectations … I did not know that Stephen could organize such a radical transformation … He was able to tell my story better than I was. My resume is now a proper marketing document and not just a list of facts and numbers.

John C. – Chief Information Officer / CIO

Due to your assistance with my resume and LinkedIn profile, I went from a contact or two every couple of weeks to more than a dozen contacts/phone interviews with recruiters this past week, resulting in 3 very real opportunities.

Eric S. – Chief Information Security Officer / CISO

Your resume, LinkedIn profile, and cover letter landed me several interviews and two simultaneous offers. I was able to choose the position that was an exact match in a city that my family and I are excited to move to.

Greg S. – Senior Technical Program Manager

…the results have been phenomenal! I have had several offers…

Josh T. – IT Solutions Engineer

I can’t believe it. I spent hours and hours trying to write my own resume. What you delivered is beyond my greatest expectations. I can’t thank you enough!

Kevin K. – Technology Sales Leader