Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the Job Search

More tech to make landing an executive role even harder

Executive search firms and recruiters

Most companies are flat-out bad at recruiting and hiring talent. Their history of attracting the right executives is poor too, which is why so many companies use executive search firms, headhunters and executive recruiters (retained or contingency) to fill many of their senior-level and executive suite roles.

But this represents a big cost to the company, opening the door for the use of emerging technologies to help them hire executives who are qualified and a strong fit culturally at a lower net cost in the long-term. Say hello to artificial intelligence (AI) and other automation technologies, which have been exploding onto the market over the last 3 years.

Executive recruitment innovation with AI

AI has resulted in some real innovative solutions to hit the market, including:

  • AI-enabled video interviews with companies like HireVue
  • AI solutions to automate the resume/CV screening process
  • AI-powered algorithms to remove bias from candidate selection
  • AI and machine learning (ML) to rate the match between recruiters and candidates
  • AI tools to mine the digital footprint and social media presence of candidates
  • AI-enabled solutions to determine cultural fit
  • AI chatbots to automate handling of candidate inquiries

There’s more, but you get the drift.

Networking is the answer

So what do all of these AI-enabled solutions mean to you as an executive who hasn’t conducted a job search in the past few years?

Quite simply, it makes an effective plan to tap into your executive network that much more vital.

Look, these companies desire to land a great candidate like you for their executive team. However, they keep raising the bar and making it more difficult for you, the candidate, to know how to stand out versus other qualified executives for a small number of open positions. The chances are slim that these cool technologies will help them to find you specifically. Remember, these technologies typically come into play when the company doesn’t have a referred or recommended candidate presented to them who is highly qualified for the role.

Grow and engage your network for great results

Having a simple, focused, repeatable plan is a must. Spending just 10 minutes each day, or even 30 minutes each week, doing the right things will super-charge your network. People are more than willing to help, but you need to have multiple touch points with them, know how to approach them when it’s time to ask for help, and be clear in how they can help you.

Our program

We’ve put together a great program to set you on the path for success in executive networking. Through our proven coaching program or our exclusive curated offering, we will help you to do the following:

  • Grow and expand your executive contacts
  • Activate your dormant network
  • Tap into an executive recruiter audience
  • Find connections with target companies
  • Broker introductions with key contacts

Schedule a free appointment today or email us to learn more.

Stephen Van Vreede is the top Executive Coach and Executive Resume Writer for technology and business executives in the market today. He is the co-author of UNcommon, a best-selling book featuring prolific leadership guru Brian Tracy. Connect with Stephen on LinkedIn.