Big Data’s Top 15

cloud computingIn August 2013, Network World published a list of the 15 most powerful big data companies. We have summarized the list here with the amount of big data revenue (as of 2012) listed in parentheses.

1. IBM ($1.3B)

2. HP ($664M)

3. Teradata ($435M)

4. Oracle ($415M)

5. SAP ($368M)

6. EMC ($336M)

7. Amazon (revenue not provided)

8. Microsoft ($196M)

9. Google ($36M)

10. VMware ($32M)

11. Cloudera (revenue not provided)

12. Hortonworks (revenue not provided)

13. Splunk ($186M)

14. 10Gen ($36M)

15. MapR ($23M)

Tell Us What You Think

The top 10 might not be that surprising, but did you guess the other 5? Feel free to share with us any other organizations you think warrant mentioning. We were surprised that NetFlix and Adobe were left off.

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