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Why not get more for less?PMP jobs are in demand.stephen van vreede cover 2.4.15

If there’s one thing I know about us busy professionals, it’s that we have a tendency to sell ourselves short.

We look for the easy fix in our career moves because, well, we’re just so darn busy! We know we need to spend more time on our career management, but we also have a life to live.

The problem, of course, is that the IT job market, the tech job market, or even the job market in generagl, is a zoo. Even though opportunities seem to be everywhere, especially in IT project and program management, I witness many perfectly qualified candidates get passed over – even for PMP jobs – every day.

Why? Because presentation dictates response (not credentials!).

There’s a tendency to think that the PMP is all you need to land that next project management role – your dream of all available PMP jobs – or that X years of paying dues will guarantee your rise to the program management ranks.

If only that were true!

In today’s hiring world, you still have to know how to present your unique story or “brand.” Credentials and experience, even relationships, often don’t/won’t speak for you.

So, while you’re out there contacting PM recruiters, why don’t you take a few minutes with me and talk about your presentation?

I know you’re busy. I know PMP jobs may have always come easy before. I know. I know!

But if you rush out there without the proper presentation of you and without understanding what your market is really looking for (which is much more than just one credential), then you most likely will end up frustrated.

There may be a lot of IT project management roles or program management opportunities advertised, but there’s also a lot of competition for them.

I know because I work with and advise tons of project and program management professionals each year, and the busyness trap gets the best of many perfectly qualified candidates.

Brian TracyThey’re so busy, they fail to understand how presentation dictates response. But you don’t have to make that mistake.

So why not book a consult with me and spend just 30 minutes looking at your presentation BEFORE you get too far into your job search?

Plus, I’m giving you the project/program management recruiter directory for less for doing so!

So let’s get started. It’s simple.

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