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The Difference Strategic Networking Can Make

Meet Ally. Ally is a Program Manager for a midsize firm who would like to go back to a Senior Project Manager role at a Fortune 500. She would like to make this move for the simple fact that she much prefers overseeing projects versus project managers. Turns out, she’s very good at it and misses it. She’s even willing to take a pay cut to make it happen. Easy, right?

Well, something seemingly simple…a slight change in direction…caused Ally a lot of grief.

That is, until she started working with Sue, our Job Search Agent. Before then, Ally had a typical process. She either tried to reach out to recruiters or she applied on job boards. At one Fortune 500, she saw the posting of her dreams for the Senior Project Manager role. She applied. She waited. Then she heard back:


But they would gladly consider her for a Program Manager role. Of course, Ally no longer wants that role. By the time she started working with Sue, she was starting to think it would never happen. But Sue, as always knew better (lol).

The first thing Sue did was work our ITtechExec network and connections to find an in at this Fortune 500. After a few tries and a few calls, Sue had her connection. She then introduced Ally.

Ally met with the connection, explained what she was trying to do and what her experience had been. The connection referred her to someone else inside the company who was in charge of hiring for the senior project manager position. Within a week, Ally was having a phone interview and is currently scheduled to go in for her first round of in-person interviews.

Sue showed us all the difference strategic networking can make.

It’s taken us ~10 years here at ITtechExec to build up a vast, active network of professionals across all types of industries and organizations who generally are willing to support and assist their fellow professionals. Of course, not every connection leads to this kind of response (if only!), but Sue continues to prove to us that the global world we live in can be pretty small at times, and even supportive; it’s really a matter of how strategic your network is and how well you approach them.

I, for one, am grateful for the momentum that the connections made through our network, and Sue’s efforts, make for clients like Ally. What happens from here, and how things turn out, are up to Ally and the interviews she has as a result. Of course, nothing is a slam dunk, and I have already told Ally, we shouldn’t stop here to “wait and see”…there are more connections to be made as things take time.

But, as Ally has already seen, it is a much more promising approach than hearing back from some automated system telling you that you are overqualified.

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Stephen Van Vreede IT Job Search Tech Recruiter ExpertStephen Van Vreede is not your average IT/technical résumé writer. Some people just write résumés; he cares about the whole job search. Serving as a Job Search Recruiting Agent, he provides career strategy and concierge job search solutions for senior (15+ years) (ITtechExec) and up-and-coming (NoddlePlace) (5-15 years) tech and innovation leaders. Stephen and his team focus on building simplified, targeted, and certain career move campaigns, be it an external search or an internal promotion. He is co-author of UNcommon with career development leader Brian Tracy. Contact Stephen directly at or send him an invite at see whether Stephen and his team are a good fit for you, text him at 866-294-1324 to start a dialogue OR click on the calendar below to schedule a free 30-minute résumé assessment:


IT Employment Expert Stephen Van Vreede Says The Switch To Cloud Is A Workplace Culture Issue

IT Employment Expert Stephen Van Vreede Says The Switch To Cloud Is A Workplace Culture Issue

CEO of ITtechExec Stephen Van Vreede explains how, rather than a pragmatic or financial issue, debates over switching companies to the cloud all begin as culture issues.

Rochester, NY — June 10, 2015 — Stephen Van Vreede, CEO of ITtechExec, published a new blog post titled “How To Get Your Company to Move to the Cloud.” In the post, he addresses the difficulties many tech employees have in getting their companies to switch to cloud computing, citing the underlying misunderstandings, fears, and disagreements as the result of an inhospitable company culture.

Van Vreede says, “How do you get your company into the 21st century and into the cloud? You have to realize that it’s more than just a pragmatic issue. In fact, it’s a company culture issue. Companies go through major structural transitions all of the time, and the move to the cloud is no different. But like other major changes — office location, software, organizational hierarchies, and so forth — it must be handled with delicacy and care. The first and most important step is to get your team on board with you is by making it clear why moving to the cloud is necessary before you explain how you will accomplish it.”

Stephen Van Vreede is a personal brand strategist, certified resume writer, job search agent, and the CEO and owner of ITtechExec. Stephen has 10 years of experience in employment strategy and 8 years of corporate management experience. He holds an M.B.A. in Marketing from Villanova University.

Read the entire article here.

About ITtechExec:

ITtechExec is a new kind of full-service employment agency that combines resume writing, portfolio building, and job search solutions to launch extraordinary tech careers in the 21st century job market. CEO and Executive Solutions Guide Stephen Van Vreede created ITtechExec in 2001, using his background of personal branding and corporate management to create a multi-pronged approach that gets results. ITtechExec serves as the job seeker and career changer’s trusted adviser, helping them make the best of the careers they’ve built and guiding them into the professional futures they desire.







IT Enterprise Architecture Director (in MN) Candidate Profile

IT Enterprise Architecture Director (in MN) Candidate Profile

Technology Leader with 18 years of Enterprise Architecture, IT Governance, SOA & BPM Experience:

  • History of progressive technology career accountability, supporting healthcare and financial services operations
  • Successful in leading teams through all aspects of technology strategy roadmap design and execution
  • Adept at creating scalable and repeatable infrastructure solutions
  • Effective in engaging internal IT and business teams as well as end customers
  • Strong resource planning, expense management, and project leadership experience

IT enterprise2

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Hitting the Job Search Brick Wall

Hitting the Job Search Brick Wall

I often get asked about the typical technical professional we come across at ITtechExec and NoddlePlace and the type of situation(s) he or she is facing when we first start working together. Rather than describe these professionals, however, I thought I would let them two of them tell their own stories.

What to Expect from Employer Profiling

What to Expect from Employer Profiling

Although job boards continue to be the least effective job search method, they remain the one most frequently used. And we get why. They’re alluring. It sounds like the jobs are right there, just waiting for you. You know there is an immediate need, and you know you can fill it. They make it so simple to apply, and you can do it in the middle of the workday or the middle of the night with very little effort.

And sometimes, just sometimes, but only sometimes, they actually work.

As part of our offerings at both NoddlePlace and ITtechExec, once our messaging design process is completed, we offer job search solutions. When I am working with one of our members to discuss the best strategy for him or her, I don’t fuss about whether or not to use job boards. If it’s there, and you want to go for it, go for it. But I wouldn’t put a lot of hope in it.

Instead, I encourage our members to look at other methods that might not be quite as easy but tend to be more effective if you stick with them and give yourself some time to see them through. One option is recruiter matching, which I have discussed extensively here on this blog.

Another is peer-to-peer networking, which still ranks the #1 most effective job search method. The problem, however, is that most members don’t have very engaged and well-matched professional connections…or at least they don’t have very many of them. And when it comes to networking, you want to have those and as many as you can.

So what do you do when you don’t? Well, one option is to try profiling. First you profile the employers that best meet your criteria, and then you cultivate connections at those employers.

Sounds time consuming? I’m not going to kid you: It is! BUT it can, and has, opened some interesting doors for our members…doors that job boards and recruiters would never have led them through.

At NoddlePlace and ITtechExec, we now have our own job search agent, Sue, who takes care of most of the “grunt” work when it comes to employer profiling for our members. But the real value is in what you do with the new connections made.

We’ve put together the following presentation as an overview of employer profiling as a job search method and what you can expect from it.

[slideshare id=34634412&doc=employerprofilingoverview-140513133149-phpapp01]

Finance, Compliance & Business Controls Leader (in CA) Candidate Profile

Finance, Compliance & Business Controls Leader (in CA) Candidate Profile

Finance Executive with 15+ years of Financial Operations, Forecasting, Data Management & Reporting, and Finance Systems Risk, Audit & Compliance experience:

  • History of progressive career accountability, supporting financial initiatives across corporate, division, and field operations
  • Successful in leading teams through all aspects of strategic vision design and execution
  • Adept at creating Risk Frameworks and Rules & Standards for Risk & Control Self-Assessments (RCSAs)
  • Effective in identifying opportunities to cut operating costs, align business and risk management strategy, and streamline audit and compliance programs
  • Strong capital planning, expense forecasting, financial reporting, and cost allocation experience


Finance Leader Profile

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