Cloud Impact on the Future of the IT Job Market

toon495The Cloud…that magical place where technology “just happens.” Well, that’s what most non-techies think of the cloud based on their impression from those Microsoft Windows 7 commercials a few years back…the one where, to solve a problem, they just “go to the cloud!”

We’re going to talk about the cloud..not the pretend magical one, but the real-life one…and how it is expected to impact the tech industry and job market as a whole over the several years. So please join us in our Tech Career Forum twitter chat on Wed 2/27 at 3pm ET (#TCFchat).

Here are the discussion points:

1) What is the projected growth of the IT Cloud market over the next few years?

2) What types of cloud-based jobs and related offshoots are expected to be in strong demand?

3) Where do cloud certifications fit in? What credentials are out there and how do employers feel about them?

4) What strategies can an IT professional keep in sight to stay “fresh” in this fast-changing area?

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