Concierge Technical Recruiter Matching List

stephen van vreede cover 2.4.15One Less Thing You Have to Do!

That’s what “concierge” is all about. Of course you can spend all kinds of time finding the technical recruiter that’s right for you, but why when a specialist is available to do it for you, wisely freeing you up to prepare for engaging these recruiters once we do identify them?

It’s not that you can’t do it on your own; it’s that you no longer have to.

Concierge Technical Recruiter Matching

With this option, instead of downloading a general list of technical recruiters, our Concierge Job Search Agent will prepare the list for you, customizing it to your specific goals and needs, from geography (recruiters rarely place candidates locally anymore, so you can’t go by just their physical location) to field/niche to roles to level of seniority:

Here’s why you go “concierge”:

  • We know which questions to ask to narrow down the list and hone in on the best technical recruiters for you, saving you from that learning curve.
  • We have access to an exclusive nation-wide database more involved than that of LinkedIn and its premium services (which still requires a lot of search time) that will help us prepare a list of technical recruiters (along with ALL of their contact info, from physical address to email to phone to fax) across the U.S. who meet your criteria.
  • The whole thing can be completed within just a couple days, and you can use the time to focus on other parts of your job search! That’s what “concierge” service is all about!

Get Started with your Concierge Technical Recruiter Matching for Only $175!

“For some reason, I had it stuck in my head that at this point in my career, I shouldn’t have to go chasing down recruiters and it shouldn’t be that hard to find them if I did need to. After a few frustrating weeks, I realized that I was wrong on both accounts. Thank you so much, Sue, for compiling my list and for talking me through how to proceed with it.” Anna J., CIO, Orlando, FL

Also, don’t miss our free report How You Can Leverage Technical Recruiters to Build a “Career Protection Pipeline”:

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