Concierge Technical Recruiter Matching


Concierge Technical Recruiter Matching with Tech Job Search Strategy Development: $595

Here’s a great way to find out what a Concierge Job Search Agent is all about. With this introductory rate, you will receive the Customized Technical Recruiter Matching solution described above, but we will take it a step further to include an overall Job Search Strategy Development:

Here’s why you need it:

  • Recruiters are not the only game in town. But when we go it alone, we only have so much time (with the Internet playing such a big role in today’s job search, you’ll be surprised how fast your 15 hours of job search time goes each week…if you really have that much time to spend!). So we tend to spend it trying this and that without a real strategy. You Concierge Job Search Agent will get you on the right track, guiding you to the best overall strategy for you based on our expertise in the marketplace and on the goals you have.
  • Recruiters are a finicky bunch, and they need to be handled with care. Your Concierge Job Search Agent will help you do that so that you make the most of your interactions with them.
  • You will receive a $50 discount toward further job search solutions or toward our resume portfolio solutions.
  • Once again, the point is not that you can’t do all this on your own. In fact, maybe you have in the past. The point is that now you no longer have to, especially in today’s job market zoo.

So get your Customized Technical Recruiter Matching list, but do yourself a favor and make the start of your search so much smoother, work with a Concierge Job Search Agent to get the job search strategy that’s right for you and the support to know you

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