Corporate Entrepreneur “In Training” Membership

Congratulations, your training has officially begun! 🙂

If we were at the gym, it would be obvious you have turned over a new leaf…you aren’t just showing up, you’re putting some goals and accountability behind it because you now understand a fundamental career “truth”. Building a career, nurturing it, and protecting it take some effort, much like it does to train and build/maintain the “perfect” physique.

Although we can, and sometimes do, get “lucky” along the way, it takes much more than luck to stay that way.

We are excited to spend this coming year as the backbone or support system to your career management. Here is an overview of the solutions your membership includes:

  • Yearly update of Resume and LI Profile
  • Yearly 45-minute Performance Review, Salary Negotiation, or Overall “What’s Next” consult call
  • Yearly Basic 1-page Testimonial Page Design or Update
  • Discount on additional document design, job search solutions, and editorial services
  • Monthly Insider Report…State of the Tech Job Market
  • Regular networking opportunities throughout the year to meet ITtechExec network connections

Step 1: Bookmark this page

If you bookmark this page, you will have an easy reference spot to remember all the solutions you should be receiving throughout the year.

Step 2: Book your “Getting Started” call with Stephen

The call will only take 15 minutes, but it will allow Stephen to set up a plan of action that is best suited to you and your needs. You may not need all of these solutions right away, so Stephen will discuss with you the best place to start and where to go from there and when. To set up the call, just click below:

Step 3: Add our texting line to your phone contacts: 866-294-1324

Feel free to reach out to us with any questions or concerns, and we will respond during business hours (EST).

Step 4: Feel free to use the calendar tool above to schedule a 15-minute appointment anytime.

If at any point during the next year, you want to meet with Stephen, all you have to do is click on the link above (it doesn’t matter if you’ve already gotten started, we’ll get the idea!). Of course, you can always e-mail Stephen directly at or text him at 866-294-1324 to set something up as well.

Step 5: Connect with Sue, Stephen, and Sheree on LinkedIn, if you haven’t already

Sue Sacco, Stephen Van Vreede, and Sheree Van Vreede