Document Design & Job Search Support Membership

Our All-Inclusive Document Design & Job Search Support Membership

Welcome to our “one-two punch” for our tech/IT leaders making a career move in today’s market. We are excited to collaborate with you on this journey and to provide additional support to your job search.

Here’s how it works: Not only do we design top-quality career documents, from resume to LinkedIn Profile to Project Highlights pages and Thank-You templates, we then take those documents and help you execute on a job search strategy, on a month by month basis, that is targeted toward your market and industry.

Our membership solutions are designed to be flexible to each situation, manageable, and diverse. When used in combination with your own job search efforts, they provide you with a comprehensive approach to today’s career move. Although we are NOT a placement service, we ARE a “concierge” service, meaning we understand the job market of today and we provide you with some hands-on support during your search to ease some of the burden every job seeker carries, help build your network and potential opportunities, and provide a strategy based on our knowledge of today’s marketplace.

*We recommend all of our members continue to attend face-to-face networking events and post to open opportunities they come across online or internally at their current companies. Our solutions are designed to fill in around these approaches.*

Order of Solutions & Pacing

For obvious reasons, we start with your document design (or update, if returning client) and then move into the job search support solutions. (If you’ve been with us before, we will start by updating your previous documents.) Once we begin our job search support efforts, we will adjust the pacing depending on the level of response you are receiving and the amount of time you have available toward your search. It’s important you are able to be responsive to the introductions and responses you receive; otherwise, you will miss the true value of our support. With that said, then, we don’t do everything at once. We mix up our solutions each month so that we can focus on different areas at different times. Again, although we have a basic structure, through collaboration with Sue and Stephen, we will adjust pace and order of solutions based on your specific needs.

**ITtechExec’s #1 job search rule: Avoid, as much as possible, stopping your job search efforts until you have either signed a contract with a new company or are walking in the door on your first day. Even then, it might not be a bad idea to keep the momentum going for a few weeks until you feel comfortable things are going to work out. It is the most natural feeling in the world to want to stop all job search efforts as soon as you have a promising interview or get called in for a second or receive some kind of verbal “assurance” an offer is coming, BUT our advice is to resist the urge to do so until you are sure the deal is “done”.**

Step 1: Document Design

  • Stephen Van Vreede will work with you first to custom design your career documents (or update them if you are a returning client).
  • We always start by working on the resume first. Once that is good to go, then Stephen will move on to develop the rest of your documents, including your LinkedIn Profile.

Step 2: Job Move Strategy Session

  • Once your Getting Started consult has been conducted, and Stephen has begun working on your resume, you will receive an email from Stephen about setting up this session for ~14 days from then. *Our Members who did not receive Document Design solutions will also receive an email from Stephen about setting up this session as their first step.*
  • This 30-minute session will take place with both Stephen and Sue Sacco, our Job Search Agent. During this session, Stephen and Sue will help you put together a strategy for your career move, and they will discuss with you the next steps in your job search support solutions. It is OK if your career documents are not yet finished. Part of the discussion will be looking at where you are with those documents and the pacing for moving forward.

Step 3: Contact Management System SetupBrian Tracy career advice

  • Once the documents and LI profile are set up, Stephen will then prepare your profile and account in our third-party contact management system. He will be sending you links to tutorials on how to use this CM system effectively (it is more advanced than LI as a contact management tool, and you can bring in your contacts from there, group them into different segments, and set up messages to go out in batches to your various segments.)
  • Sue will then be using this tool to launch your recruiter “reach out” campaign. She will compile the list from our network, bring in the recruiter names to your profile, and set up a “drip campaign”.
  • The cost of your subscription to the CM system is included in your membership.

**Our Members who started out with our Document Design solutions and who chose to add on Job Search Support begin with this step.**

Step 4: Recruiter “Reach Out” Campaign

  • Important: Everything prior to this point can be done while the document design phase is finishing up. The recruiter campaign, however, cannot begin until at least the resume, cover letter, LI profile, and CM system profile/account are completed. You want these to be ready to go as part of your first impression to recruiters.
  • Once Sue sets up your recruiter list in our CM system, she will begin dripping out introductions in batches on a weekly basis. The time frame can vary anywhere from 5 to 7 weeks, typically. The reason for dripping out the introductions is to allow you time to address the responses you receive. If you get overwhelmed, she can always pause things. Or, if the response is slow, she can always speed it up. No two campaigns are ever the same in that there is no set response rate.
  • They way recruiters typically work is that they only respond if they have something for you…at that moment…so timing is everything. It’s why we start with the recruiter campaign first…because we know that we will need to circle back later on to nonresponders. Therefore, once your campaign is completed, Sue will go back periodically and reach out again to recruiters who do not respond during the first run of the campaign.

Step 5: Monthly Choice Option

  • Sometime after your recruiter campaign is up and running, and you seem to be doing well handling the responses, we will begin offering you a monthly choice. You will receive an email every 30 days offering you a list of options to choose from that either Sue or Stephen will perform for you during the next month. The idea here is to customize our solutions to meet potential needs you have at that time.
  • Some of the options you will be able to choose from include Interview prep, help reaching out to your network contacts using the CM system (designing an effective message, setting up a drip campaign to reach out, etc.), design of an Elevator Pitch for face-to-face networking, help posting on/researching positions on job boards, Salary Negotiation support, introductions to more recruiters beyond the ones Sue contacted during your campaign.

Step 6: Strategic Introductions Across ITtechExec Network

  • As we end your initial recruiter campaign, and our monthly choice option is underway or resolved, we will be making strategic introductions for you to contacts across our ITtechExec network.
  • These might be people inside of organizations you are targeting, industries you are interested in, or in positions you are seeking.
  • We will advise you on how to handle these as we want to use some tact when acknowledging these colleagues who are willing to give up some of their time to talk to you.

Step 7: Check-in Consult With Stephen

  • Periodically, throughout your time with us, Stephen will be reaching out to set up a quick check-in call. The idea here is to regroup, see what’s working/what’s not, find out where you are with things. Of course, you are always free to contact Stephen or Sue at any point. We just want to make sure from time to time we stop and assess with you.

Step 8: Land That Next Role

  • To hear about some success stories of our clients who have gone through our membership approach, check out Making It Through the Tech Career “Goo”. Perhaps you can relate with some of their situations.
  • Once you land that role, we will be celebrating with you (doing the happy dance, of course!) and then we will be automatically moving you into our New Job First Year Membership to get your new role off to the best start and place you in a “cautiously optimistic” mode that is wise as you transition and get a feel for how things are going to go.

Managing Expectations

Every job search is an adventure. There are bound to be ups and downs. Nothing about what we do is an exact science, so it is important to stay in contact, collaborate, and work as a team. For more on managing expectations, please read through Setting Expectations for Our Job Search Solutions. Also, be sure to check out our common FAQs about these solutions.