Membership FAQs

Here are answers to some common questions we receive about our membership solutions:

Is this a job placement service?

No. This is a “concierge” job search support service. We are not recruiters, although we will introduce you to several of them. 🙂 Our job is to help you build momentum and create opportunities for you during your job search through a variety of approaches, from recruiter reach out campaigns to strategic introductions across our network to document design to support in contacting professionals in your own network. We also help with interview prep, salary negotiations, and overall strategy discussions. In other words, we are your “team” in this effort to make the next career move.

How much is still required of me in conducting my own job search?

As this is a collaborative effort, and we are your support team, the idea with these solutions is that we will work on your behalf to ease some of the burden of your job search while building momentum to create opportunities. With that said, we need you to be responsive to the introductions we make on your behalf, to follow up on leads, and to communicate with us on what is working and what isn’t. We also highly recommend you maintain your face-to-face networking efforts and feel free to apply for any online postings or internal job offerings you come across. Those things in conjunction with the recruiter reach out and introductions we are making across our network will round out your search, making sure you are covering different angles.

How long does it take?

Of course there is no set amount of time for any job search. On our end, we take our cues from you generally. We are always working on behalf of our members, and will move steadily through the various steps of our solutions, but sometimes our members get busy or can’t keep up with the number of responses they are receiving and need to slow down so they can handle things effectively. One reason we call this a “collaborative effort” is because we adjust our pacing to suit your needs. As a job search gauge, however, the average job search is currently moving at a pace of 1 month for every $10-20K you make in salary, especially in the higher level positions. Our clients tend to average 1 month for every $30-35K, but again, this all depends on whether you are a part-time seeker or a full-time one, your industry and level of experience, how willing/able you are to wait for the perfect fit, etc.

Can I pause my solutions?

Yes. If you find that you have a family emergency or something comes up with work, we can place your solutions on pause for 30 days. At the end of the 30 days, we will regroup and see where we left off. We don’t advise taking time off if you can help it, of course, as that prolongs things on your end and slows the momentum we had going before you paused. But we do recognize sometimes it just can’t be helped, and we will work with you to get back up and running quickly when you are ready.

What happens when I get a job?

We all do the happy dance, and we celebrate! We also will stop your monthly Job Search membership with the next payment. You will have an opportunity at that time to move into one of our VIP maintenance membership options that keeps you in “always ready” mode as you move through your career.