Gold Star VIP Maintenance Membership

Congratulations, you get a gold star! 🙂

If we were at the gym, it would be obvious you were on your way to physical stardom because after years of trying, you have figured out a fundamental truth. Building a career, nurturing it, and protecting it take some effort, much like it does to train and build/maintain the “perfect” physique.

Although we can, and sometimes do, get “lucky” along the way, it takes much more than luck to stay that way.

We are excited to spend this coming year as the backbone or maintenance support system to your career management. Much like we did in your first year in your new role, we want to continue to keep you updated and “always ready” while nurturing your network and strategically helping it to grow along the way. Here is an overview of the solutions we will embark on this year:

  • We will start by building a “Next Opportunity” profile that we will keep on hand to watch out for potential job opportunities or introductions across our network that might be a good fit. It’s OK if you aren’t actively looking, but everybody has a dream job or idea of a potential role they want to move into down the road.
  • Update of LI profile. It’s good to revisit your LI profile yearly and add in new accomplishments/project details.
  • Yearly progress consult with Stephen.
  • Design of/Update to Testimonial Page. Let’s continue what we’ve started or build a new page from scratch using your latest “kudos”…this will come in handy at Performance Review time…
  • Reach-out opportunities across your network. Biannual posts/messages to your network contacts. *If you did not get set up in our contact management system during your job search (something we started in fall 2019), we will add you to it and set up your profile with our third-party provider; there is a one-time setup fee to our provider $99 to do so, and then your subscription is covered by your membership dues to us.*
  • Regular networking opportunities throughout the year to meet ITtechExec network connections.

Step 1. Bookmark this page

If you bookmark this page, you will have an easy reference spot to remember all the solutions you should be receiving throughout the year.

Step 2. Add our texting line to your phone contacts: 866-294-1324

Feel free to reach out to us with any questions or concerns, and we will respond during business hours (EST).

Step 3. Feel free to use the following calendar tool to schedule a 15-minute appointment anytime.

If at any point during the next year, you want to meet with Stephen, all you have to do is click on the link below (it doesn’t matter if you’ve already gotten started, we’ll get the idea!). Of course, you can always e-mail Stephen directly at or text him at 866-294-1324 to set something up as well.