Have You Really Thought Through Your Job Search Plan?

If you’re familiar with our company background, then you’re probably already aware of how our company has evolved from first a “resume-focused” firm into a “resume with personal branding” firm into a “full-service resume/branding and job search solutions” firm. The reason for our evolution has been simple: We want to help our clients in tech to be more successful in overall career management and we want to remain relevant with the current job market, not with what worked 5, 10, 15 years ago.

With professionals switching jobs every 3 to 4 years, that means they have to get better at conducting a job search. And it means that we as a company have to do more than just write resumes and send people on their way.

Therefore, as part of that effort, we have begun to work with our client members to plan better for the type of job search they are going to conduct. It is our goal to make that often exhausting process more simple for them. So we have created the following survey as part of our Strategic Visioning Intro Session, where we put together a strategy for how to focus your job search based on your goals and parameters.

Job searching is not a mystery, for sure, but I have found it is often one of the least prepared things we do. We spend thousands and thousands and thousands on degrees and certifications, and then we move forward hoping all this education will sell itself or that this job board or that will be effective. I’ve witnessed people waste a lot of investment in education and experience as well as give up on career goals and advancement often for lack of preparation or knowledge on how to best conduct their search.

Our survey won’t design a strategy for your job search (that’s something we do for our members), but it will get you thinking about how you plan to go about it:

[polldaddy type=”iframe” survey=”FC68004079A1EE63″ height=”auto” domain=”ittechexec” id=”what-s-your-strategic-vision-for-your-job-search”]

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