How to Boost Confidence For Job Interviews

job interviewYou might be the hands-down best candidate for the job, but without enough confidence, you’ll never make it past the first interview.

Qualifications, experience, and even personality all play second fiddle to your level of confidence during an interview. That’s because unlike the position you’re applying for, your duty during the interview is to sell yourself. The amount of confidence you bring into the room correlates directly with the amount of confidence your interviewers will have in your ability to do the job they’re hiring for.

Try one or more of the methods below to boost your confidence before and during your next interview.

Come Prepared

Do your homework! You’ll feel far better in your interview if you know exactly what you’re getting into so you can position yourself for success.

Look the Part

Confidence may come from the inside, but it also shows up in your appearance and clothing. Aim to look clean, contemporary, and professional — you can even throw in a personal touch that makes you feel good about yourself.

Watch Your (Body) Language

The way we hold our bodies speaks volumes about what’s going on in our heads. Learn more about what power poses you can use to bump up your confidence and appear more open and friendly.

Make Eye Contact

Looking people straight in the eye shows that you’re honest, respectful, and friendly. Aim to make at least some eye contact each time you or your interviewer speaks.

Take It Slow

You’re in an interview, not a race. Give yourself time to think before speaking, and don’t rush through the details. You’ll appear smarter and more confident.

Even if you’re don’t quite feel confident on the inside, these methods can help you appear more confident to others. Why not give them a try?


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