How to Make the Most Out of Recruiter Matching

We’ve talked before about using recruiter “matching” as a way of aligning your background with technical recruiters who place professionals with your skill set and experience. Most candidates find it frustrating to find these recruiters and time-consuming to deal with recruiter “mismatch,” which ends of up being a waste of time for both the candidate and the recruiter. That’s’ why a recruiter matching service can be valuable; however, to make the most of it, you do need to optimize your engagement with the matched recruiters who do respond, not just for this career move but for the next one as well.

I like to talk about building “pipelines” for what I call “career protection.” Having a technical recruiter pipeline, where you have recruiters who are well matched with you that you can stay in contact with and vet opportunities through, is valuable and does provide a layer of “protection” just like other forms of effective networking. The following presentation takes you through some steps you can take to maximize your recruiter matching to help build in this pipeline.

[slideshare id=34087852&doc=recruitermatching-140429112630-phpapp01]

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