In Today’s Job Market, Job Hoppers Have It the Hardest

In the job market world today, there seems to be an ongoing debate as to who has it the worst: the 50+ crowd, the unemployed, or the job hopper. According to this infographic from, job hopping trumps them all, although that hardly means things are easy for the 50+ crowd or the chronically unemployed.

One thing we have devised at ITtechExec in our career management services is an approach to dealing with past job hopping and to rebranding of these candidates. Although the term “job hopping” has a negative connotation, there are some ways you can turn that experience into a positive one.

Here are two options I’ve written pretty extensively on:

1. Problems-Solutions-Results page: This would be an opportunity for you to consolidate your diverse background by laying out a problem you faced, the solution you developed, and what the impact of that solution was on business operations. It shouldn’t be more than a page and should highlight 2-3 projects. It will serve as an addendum to strengthen the existing resume.

2. Highlight soft skills: So often IT pros focus on tech stuff, which is important, but increasingly soft skills matter too. Showcase how you have leveraged your soft skills to maneuver through different types of environments.

The idea is to show that you can consolidate your varied work history into a positive for the next employer.


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