Introducing Exclusive VIP Membership

Thank you to all of you who took our focus group survey!

We’ve read through all the feedback we received from the survey, and as a result, we’ve put together a monthly maintenance membership solution designed just for our most valued clients.

Here are the issues that came across as most important based on the focus group responses. Our VIP clients want:

1. Support in continuing to build high-quality network contacts, ESPECIALLY when you aren’t actively looking.

2. Insight into recruiter search strategies and up-to-date career management trends.

3. Desire for annual updates of career documents, including resume, LinkedIn profile, etc.

4. Ongoing updates on potential opportunities fitting a certain profile set by you. (Even if you aren’t currently looking, you would be interested in knowing about your “dream” job if it pops up….or at least some role that might make you make a switch.)

5. Mentorship in dealing with day-to-day leadership, corporate politics, issues that come up. Nice to know there is someone outside of it that you can bounce ideas and issues off of and get a different perspective.

6. Separate membership for those clients actively back in the job search market versus those who want to stay in “always ready” but are only passively looking. The membership outlined below is for the passive professional…one who is looking to stay up to date…a maintenance solution, if you will. For those actively looking, we now have a Document Design (or Update) & Job Search Support Membership.

Here’s how our exclusive annual VIP membership works:

In keeping with our theme of fitness training, and with the idea of “corporate entrepreneurship,” we’ve designed three levels that are meant to keep you always in shape and in good career “health”, so to speak. All three levels have the 5 points listed above in mind and progressively deal with each one.

The three levels are as follows (to provide more availability and hands-on support to our VIP members, and to keep Stephen and Sue from being spread too thin, we are limiting the number of slots available each year):

Corporate Entrepreneur “in Training” (20 slots available; $59/month with $129 setup): This level provides the basics of keeping you up-to-date, in regard to resume/Linkedin, and ready to go if/when that next opportunity comes, be it internal/external. Regular introductions to our contacts who can help you build a targeted network will be made, annual performance review/salary negotiation discussion will be offered, and there will be opportunities to attend webinars/discussions throughout the year. This level provides the very least you should do each year to make sure you are prepared and in good physical shape.

Gold Star Corporate Entrepreneur (15 slots available; $79/month with $179 setup):Brian Tracy career advice Now let’s kick it up a notch; at this level, you just aren’t working out, you’re getting some personal training as well. You take all of the benefits from “in Training” and add in more active, ongoing search on your behalf, based on a “Next Opportunity” profile that we set up together. It’s not just about staying updated; it’s also about keeping an eye out in the market in case the right opportunity presents itself…even when you aren’t actively looking, this provides you with a passive approach that you may not always have time for in the busyness of work/life.

Ultimate Corporate Entrepreneur (10 slots available; $99/month with $299 setup): OK, now you are becoming a true “hard body”; you are THE corporate entrepreneur, prepared, building in protections, and the ultimate picture of good career health. This level provides the right combination of our first two levels while also providing ongoing “retainer” hours to be used for day-to-day career management needs, such as editorial support with presentations/reports and strategy development for work politics, AND/OR for job search needs, such as applying for openings on your behalf, crafting networking communications, etc. In other words, we become your team in the background, helping you to stay at your best.

(If you haven’t already, I suggest you read over the philosophy behind this membership. It certainly isn’t for everybody, which is why we selected only certain clients to help us design the solution AND why we are rolling it out first just to those who participated in our focus group.)

If you are sufficiently intrigued AND want the specifics, simply fill out the form below and we will get you more details on each level AND send you a link to set up a call with Stephen. (I’m not trying to be cryptic with the details; I just don’t want to waste anyone’s time with them if this doesn’t seem like a fit for you!)