Your IT Career Path: IT Employment Expert Stephen Van Vreede Says To Find a Mentor, Don’t Ask — Let It Develop Organically

In regard to your IT career path, CEO of ITtechExec Stephen Van Vreede recommends that all IT and tech employees have a mentor, but cautions them away from forcing mentoring relationships with strangers or loose contacts.

Rochester, NY — April 9, 2015 — Stephen Van Vreede, CEO of ITtechExec, published a new article titled “How to Find the Best Mentor For Your Career.” In the article, he discusses the important role of mentorship in forming a strong IT career path, advising readers to respectfully seek mentors by nurturing professional relationships, not asking successful strangers point-blank.

Van Vreede says, “In the IT and tech worlds as in life, we can’t do everything on our own. We need good advice, a sounding board, and the perspective of somebody who understands where we’re coming from. So why do so many people avoid mentor-mentee relationships? Because most people don’t understand how to get a mentor, if they realize they need one at all.”

Stephen Van Vreede is a personal brand strategist, certified technical resume writer, tech job search agent, and the CEO and owner of ITtechExec. Stephen has 10 years of experience in IT employment strategy and 8 years of corporate management experience. He holds an M.B.A. in Marketing from Villanova University.

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About ITtechExec:

ITtechExec is a new kind of full-service employment agency that combines technical resume writing, portfolio building, and tech job search solutions to launch extraordinary tech careers in the 21st century job market. CEO and Executive Solutions Guide Stephen Van Vreede created ITtechExec in 2001, using his background of personal branding and corporate management to create a multi-pronged approach that gets results. ITtechExec serves as the IT job seeker and IT career changer’s trusted tech career adviser, helping them make the best of the IT career path they’ve built and guiding them into the professional futures they desire.






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