IT Resume Makeover: Presentation Dictates Response

What Is An IT Resume Makeover? Best IT Resume Examples

For the IT Professional, having a properly constructed IT resume is vital. This story illustrates just how true that is in regards to the CIO resume. We have IT resume examples!

it_resume_makeover_2015-100565089-primary_idgeMeet John Chavner, a CIO consultant who despite having exceptional experience and credentials was still struggling to get noticed out in the CIO job market. I had the privilege of meeting John as part of the latest Resume Makeover series. In this series, we literally makeover the CIO resume – performed a CIO resume makeover ourselves.

Sharon Florentine approached me about taking on this CIO resume makeover, and I jumped at the chance to help John with his CIO resume and showcase just how more of a portfolio-based approach is working in today’s technical job market. We have other IT resume examples too!

To learn more about what we did for John’s CIO resume makeover, and how we did it, check out Sharon’s article:

IT Resume Makeover: Presentation Dictates Response

Even more important is the response that John tells me he is already receiving, securing his first interview within a few days of passing his newly positioned CIO resume around!


If you are like John and you believe your IT resume could use a makeover, we encourage you to contact us. We provide helpful resume tips, including resume writing tips. Whether you need help with a CIO resume or CTO resume, or an IT director resume, we offer the IT resume help or tech resume help that will enable you to be more successful in furthering your career in IT.



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