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Today’s “Corporate Entrepreneurs”

Ever since Sheree and I started ITtechExec in 2008, and even before that, when we originally launched as “No Stone Unturned” in 2004, the main philosophy behind our company has been to build an active network of professionals, specifically IT/tech leaders, that were interested in the idea of “recession-proofing” their careers by taking a more proactive approach to maintaining their career documents, building top-quality portfolios, and creating pipelines of opportunities through peer networking and recruiter relationship management.

Slowly, we have built up our solutions with this goal in mind, and we have partnered with professionals who don’t just want to “hope for the best” but also want to make sure they are “always ready” for that next move even in the midst of their busy lives.

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In 2015, I was fortunate enough to be asked to publish a book, UNcommon, alongside business guru Brian Tracy.  As part of that effort, the idea for the “corporate entrepreneur” was born. And the book provided me with a way to finally articulate the approach we are looking to head in with ITtechExec:

Each day I work with professionals, whom I call “corporate entrepreneurs,” from across the globe dedicated to building in career protections, and they are achieving tremendous results. Just like the rest of us, they face many of the same limitations: age, gender, level of experience, geographic restrictions, lack of credentials, market instability, and so on. The difference is in how they approach these limitations and build in their protection from the storm.

Are you ready to join the ranks?

The days of “putting your head down, working hard, and not burning bridges = climbing the corporate ladder” might be fading. But it doesn’t have to be negative. In fact, the corporate entrepreneur finds positivity where others see none! I witness these professionals leverage the power of the entrepreneurial mindset to rise above the chaos and protect the careers they’ve worked hard to build (and the livelihoods their families depend on).

You can succeed in today’s environment if you know where to begin. All it takes is a little strategy and a good support network.

Think of it this way: It’s kind of like going to the gym or working with a fitness trainer. Why do we invest in ways to stay fit and healthy (or why do we know we should?)? Is it because we have to? No, it is because we value our health, so we put some effort into taking care of ourselves. Why should our careers be any different? Yet, we seem to wait for the poor “diagnosis”…the loss of a job, the mounting frustration that comes with working in a toxic environment, etc. to make the changes we need to make. And this is costly. Furthermore, why do we pay for the fitness trainer? Do we really NOT know how to run on a treadmill or eat healthier? No…it’s because we need the accountability, and we need the support to keep us on track. That is exactly what our VIP membership is all about!

You don’t have to become overly ambitious or lose yourself in your career. But the best defense is a good offense.  Corporate entrepreneurs understand what it takes to be “uncommon” in today’s world of work.

Will you be one of them?

Our hope as we move through 2018 and into 2019 is to identify those clients in our network who

  • Don’t want to have to start from scratch with every job move
  • Don’t always want to be looking necessarily but do want to be always ready
  • Trust us to help manage their updates and support their networking efforts
  • Trust us to introduce them to other high-quality, like-minded IT/tech leaders
  • Do want peace of mind in this ever shifting landscape we call the “world of work”
  • Do value the work they do and the investment they have made to get to where they are in their careers…in fact, they value it so much, they want to protect it.

Stay tuned. More to come as we roll out our VIP membership!

Best regards,

Stephen & Sheree

P.S.: We understand that not everyone, even some high-level tech leaders, wants to think about this kind of stuff…they just want to put their heads down and work and believe that they will always land on their feet. We get it, and that is fine. We are more than happy to help those professionals when the time comes. My hope is that my clients WILL have long engagements with their current companies. In fact, I hope our VIP membership will be part of helping them progress with the organizations they are in and have satisfying careers there. But this group is not for someone who just “hopes” and “wings it”. It’s meant for those who like the idea of having a strategy, being always prepared, and believing their livelihood (you know, the thing your family depends on, your latest hobby depends on) is something worth protecting.