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Did you know the average job search today takes 1 month for every $10-20K in salary? And that’s when you make job searching a full-time gig!

You can double or triple that number for most passive seekers who don’t have as much time to spend (many of whom just give up).

One reason for these low numbers is that job boards continue to be the least effective method; yet they remain the one most used.

And we get why. They’re alluring. They advertise hope and opportunity. They make it easy (what else can you do at 2 am?). Sometimes they actually even work (only 1-7% in today’s market, but it is better than nothing). In reality, though, they more often extend the job search process with ~150 candidates applying for every posting out there.

It’s why you need other, more-effective avenues in addition to these boards. But it’s true…

These other avenues require some finesse to build, and even then, we struggle to leverage them.

In today’s online world, there is a wealth of information, but most of it, especially when it comes to a job search, only speaks in generalities, not in specifics. Therefore, although we think we know what to do with recruiters, we often don’t have as much success with them as we’d like as we don’t get properly matched with them (and they have this strange tendency to be noticeably absent when we need them most). Or maybe we understand that attending more networking events is a good idea, but we struggle to turn those peer contacts into solid opportunities.


Today’s tech job market is demanding, and it requires adding some new layers to the traditional methods, especially if you have age, gender, job hopping, lack of career credentials, or basically just about any other possible market limitation. Let’s face it. Even if you’re a “perfect” fit, job boards are still ineffective, finding the right recruiter can be time-consuming, and networking makes you feel like you are stuck on a hamster wheel.

Our NoNonsense Job Search Agent, Sue Sacco, gets you off of that wheel!

Companies have recruiters, HR, and hiring managers in their corner. You deserve someone in yours.

Unlike traditional recruiting, which works for the hiring organization, we work on behalf of the individual as an advocate in the process providing, in addition to résumé design, what we call “concierge job search solutions.” It is a cutting edge approach in which a high-quality service partners with a high-quality candidate.

This way we help professionals navigate through the job search process, from designing résumé portfolios to conducting concierge job searches.

Our Concierge Job Search “Launch” Solutions

  • Recruiter Matching and Introductions Campaign
  • Targeted Strategic Networking
  • Mock Interview Training
  • Salary Negotiation Coaching (you know how boxers have their manager waiting for them in the corner at the end of each round? That’s who we are, helping you to get back up and go another round to negotiate the best mutually beneficial deal.)
NEW: We now offer a Document Design & Job Search Solutions Monthly Membership that integrates these job search solutions with our document design service.

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