The Great Job Search Time Management Quandary

Job search time management
Job Search time management

Most candidates are surprised when they discover how quickly time gets away from them during their job search. Even well-prepared candidates are often caught off guard as they find their time slipping into this methaphorical black hole. Undoubtedly, the lack of imposed structure can get to even the best of us. That is why the July 11th #TCFchat discussion topic (3pm ET on Twitter) is on job search time management practices and how to prepare for this quandary.

So please join us as we discuss these questions:
1. What activities consumed the bulk of your time during the job search process?

2. How much time did you spend on job boards? Networking? Admin? Other?

3. Are there any other “time traps” out there job seekers should be wary of?

4. What tools have you come across that helped you (or could have helped you) manage time better in your last search?

5. What are some strategies to help job seekers manage time more effectively?

Whether you are currently in a job search, have recently finished one, or are contemplating getting ready for one, we would love to hear your insight.

If you can’t make the chat, be sure to check back here afterward or check out the Tech Career Forum  LinkedIn group to get a recap of the discussio

Recap Info

We’ve also posted a recap of the discussion on our post “Time Management Practices for the Job Search“.

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