Kick in the Pants: 5 Ways You Can Start Thinking Like an Entrepreneur

technical recruiter helps with IT resumeIf you’ve been taking a slow, leisurely climb up the career ladder, listen up: It’s time to stop being passive and start thinking like an entrepreneur.

These days, it’s no longer your employer’s responsibility to plan out the next 20 years of your career — it’s yours. Work is changing, and if you want to have a career you love, you have to change along with it. Entrepreneurial thinking is the new “must” for every employee, whether you’re the newest hire or the CTO, and it’s the way you’re going to make the most of your current job and your future career.

So how do you start thinking like an entrepreneur, even if you feel the furthest thing from it?

Trim the Fat.

Entrepreneurs are the captains of the proverbial ship, and dead weight will sink it. Toss inefficiency overboard so you and your company can get where you’re going faster.

Let Your Passion Guide You.

What part of your job inspires you and fills you with new ideas? Focus on what drives you, even if seems small at first, to ignite your passion and come up with creative solutions.

Banish Fear.

Take calculated risks to up your entrepreneurial ante. The movers and shakers of the IT world don’t move and shake because they play it safe; they have the confidence to take intelligent risks and to handle the consequences.

Share Your Vision.

Don’t save your brilliance for a later date, or somebody might beat you to the punch.

Be “The” Expert.

Are you the go-to person in your workplace when a problem arises? Aim to know more, work harder, and pitch in more than anyone else to be seen as a leader, not just another employee.

When you put these practices into play, you’re better equipped to be a knockout at your current job, but more importantly, you groom yourself for a future career that just might surpass your expectations.

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