Kick in the Pants: Work-Life Balance: What The Experts Are Saying

work life balanceWork. Life. Balance. These are three of the most problematic words for employers and employees alike. How do you know if you have enough of it? Maybe you have too much of it? Are you working yourself to the bone? Or are people’s careers skyrocketing ahead of you because you focus too much on your personal life?

Experts’ thoughts on work-life balance are changing constantly, and the popular opinion on the subject is truly a moving target. That’s why we surveyed the latest information on the subject to report back to you how those three little words are being interpreted right now, in 2015.

Blurred Boundaries

Rarely are work and life two separate things these days, as Jacob Morgan of Forbes argues. As the expectation for being “always on” increases, so does the expectation that employees will find jobs they actually feel passionate about.

Smartphones Are Controversial

A major part of the blurred work/life boundaries has to do with technology, in particular, smartphones. But being constantly reachable on nights, weekends, and vacations isn’t always well-received by employees. As Fast Company reports, 65% of workers are expected to be reachable outside of work, but a whopping 35% of these employees feel they don’t have enough personal time.

A Little Imbalance Is Okay

As Entrepreneur author Boland Jones writes, “… for entrepreneurs, there’s very little delineation between the two parts of life.” Now that every employee should be thinking like an entrepreneur , we couldn’t agree more. When you’re in charge of your career and always thinking about what’s coming next, you might have work on your mind even when you’re not in the office — and that’s okay!

What’s important is that you connect the hard work you’re putting in with your overall career goals, not that you log long work hours just because everyone else is. When you can see the big picture and you like where you’re headed, it’s worth it.

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