Managing Time in a Social Media Job Search

IT resume writer cartoon imageUsing social media as part of the job search process is becoming more and more prominent and exceedingly important. So on Wednesday 10/10 at 3pm ET on twitter at #TCFchat, we convened a panel of job seekers and career experts to discuss some social job search topics. The thrust was how a job seeker can effectively manage their time when on social media sites for their job search.

All of our participants agreed that using social media is important, but that it must fit in with a balanced overall search strategy. One of our technical professionals felt strongly that networking is still, by far, the best element of a job search…and no one disputed that claim.

Other discussion points surrounded the best social media sites to use for the job search, how much time one should spend, what to avoid, and other tools to benefit a social media job search.

If you’re unable to join us for the live chat, view the Storify recap or go to our Tech Career Forum LinkedIn Group page to post comments.

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