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Our NoNonsense Concierge Job Search Agent

Sue is a Certified Job Search Strategist (CJSS) who blends a unique background in managing both IT and telecom day-to-day operations with extensive hiring and recruitment experience for small/mid-sized organizations as well as for a prominent Fortune 1000 company. She is also a Career Thought Leader Associate.

Sue has been up close and personal with HR, and has had to wade through layoffs, acquisitions, and corporate restructuring. (That means she’s a veteran of the job market zoo and has been so deep in corporate goo that nothing surprises her anymore!)

Employer Profiling, Recruiter Matching, and More

All of us here at ITtechExec are excited to have Sue and NoNonsense Job Search as part of our team as we continue to move toward becoming a full-service branding and job search strategy firm.

Write the Vision

So here’s how it all comes together. . . .Sue, with each of our solutions, takes you through our one-of-a-kind 3-phase process called Write the Vision, Make It Plain, and Run With It.

Make It Plain

Sue not only walks you through the process, but she also handles much of the “grunt work!”

She conducts any and all research, finds contact names, vets connections, and even sends out strategic introductions on your behalf all while you focus on your current work or family and other parts of your job search (like job boards, if you must). How simple is that?

Run With It

“Could you send me about 10 business cards? I keep a few in my portfolio to hand to individuals who are looking for this very necessary and very important help.” Darryl L. (Project Manager, Lancaster, PA)

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