Networking as a Job Search Solution

IT career advice cartoonNetworking? Is it the solution to your job search crisis? Overwhelmingly, the experts and job seekers participating in our #TCFchat on Wed. 9/12 felt that it was…with some caveats of course =)

The conclusion we came to was that networking, with the proper plan and good execution, is highly valuable to the job seeker, whether in the IT or technical fields or any other industry. The biggest concern was that many are not really good at networking, for many reasons such as

  1. Some don’t network in a sustained fashion–meaning that they only contact their friends, colleagues, etc. when they need something from them, like a job lead.
  2. Some are great at developing relationships but don’t know how to close the deal. This simply means that they have lots of contacts but don’t have a close enough relationship or are unwilling to directly ask for job recommendations in the job search.
  3. Some don’t have a good strategy and spend all of their networking time in the wrong places meeting the wrong people.

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