New Job First Year Membership

Congratulations on Landing that New Role!!

You did it. You made it through the job market zoo, maneuvered through the corporate hiring “goo”, and negotiated your way into your next position…it’s time to celebrate! Woohoo!

It’s also time to be wise, and I know you, simply because you are one of my clients, are wise. šŸ™‚

Now, I don’t want to bring down the mood in anyway because we should be doing our happy dance, BUT I always strive to be real with my clients. So here it is: The first year of any new role is pivotal for two reasons: (1) You want to get off on the right foot, and (2) you want to enter into a “cautiously optimistic” mode where you hope for the best but yet don’t completely abandon the work done during your job search to build your networkĀ  and get yourself into a “ready” position.

The last thing we all want is for anything to go awry, but in today’s market, sometimes it does. So our goal here at ITtechExec with our “New Job First Year Membership” is to help you transition into the new role with ease and to be right there in case you decide 6 months in this isn’t for you or you still want your ears to the ground about other opportunities, even if those opportunities might be a few years out. Our goal in doing so is to help you do that without being a burden to you as you get started in this new phase of your career.

Here’s how it works: Throughout your first year at the new job, we walk along beside you to make sure you update your LI profile, notify your important contacts of your new position, prepare a short introduction (or bio) to help you get going within your new organization, touch base with you a few months in to see how things are progressing in the new role, update your resume so it is “always ready”, and make new strategic introductions across our network based off of your new role (as you always wants to be networking as long as you are working; now we can leverage the new role).

Our membership solutions are designed to be flexible to each situation, manageable, and diverse. Of course, we want you to be focused on this new position and on making it as successful as it can be. So our membership isn’t meant to be time-consuming. Think of it as us working in the background to help keep some momentum going that will get you updated and ready to go should you decide to or should you decide to go for a move internally with this new organization.

*This is how Stephen’s concept of “Corporate Entrepreneur” works in today’s career market. You give your all to your new role, but you wisely keep yourself ready to make another move. It’s not that you want to do so; it’s that you want to stay strong all the way through your career to the finish line.*

Order of Solutions & Pacing

Step 1: Short Introduction/Bio

  • Stephen will start by putting together a short bio that you can send out and use to make intros across the organization. It’s nice to have something succinct, yet prepared, that you can use to make the best first impression, whether that is to your in-house team, global team, vendors, contractors, etc.

Step 2: LinkedIn Update

  • Stephen put together that great LI profile for your job search; now Stephen will tweak it to add in your new role.
  • We usually recommend you wait at least a month into a new role before doing this. Let’s get you acclimated a bit and see how things are looking first. Then let’s make it public on LI.

Step 3: Contact Notification through Contact Management System

  • If you’ve been through our Document Design & Job Search Membership, then you are familiar with the CM system we use.
  • Stephen will prepare a message to go out among your contacts announcing your new role. As with the LI profile, it is wise to wait a few weeks in to see how things are going and to consider how we want to announce it.
  • The cost of your subscription to the CM system continues to be included in your membership. *If you did not get set up in our system during your job search, we will add you to it and set up your profile with our third-party provider; there is a one-time setup fee to our provider $99 to do so, and then your subscription is covered by your membership dues to us.*

Step 4: Progess Consult with Stephen

  • Typically about 4 months into a new position, we recommend that you and Stephen take a few minutes to haveĀ  a quick “progress” call. If things are going, great! Stephen can talk to you about the next steps. If they aren’t, then he can work with you to discuss a strategy if you think you might need to enter back into active job search mode.

Step 5: Testimonial Page Creation

  • Here’s something we try to get every client to start doing…collecting testimonials, whether that is from executive leadership, peers, end users, partners, etc.
  • Every good entrepreneur knows how important it is to have others do the talking about them, so they collect testimonials. Every good “corporate entrepreneur” should do the same.
  • A testimonial page is an excellent resource to have at Performance Review time, Promotion time, or when entering back into the job market.

Step 6: Strategic Introductions Across ITtechExec Network

  • With your new role, we can now leverage your new position to make new introductions for you across our strategic network. We will do this a few times throughout the first year as new people come into our network that might be a good fit for you.
  • As we know it is tough to keep up with face-to-face networking during your first year in a role, we are making it simpler by making virtual introductions for you. Moving forward in your career, your next job search will be much easier to get up and running if you have an active network already in place.

Step 7: Update Resume

  • OK, as you get later into your first year in your new role, and likely have some early accomplishments under your belt or at least underway, now it is time to update the resume.
  • You might not think it is important, but it is good to do it yearly. This way your resume is always current and ready to go.CIO resume example IT recruiter

Step 8: Transition into Maintenance Phase for 2nd Year

  • As your first year comes to a close, and you successfully established in your new role, we will be presenting you with option to consider a long-term VIP maintenance solution that keeps your documents updated and your networking active, again with being a major burden. To learn more about this, check out VIPĀ maintenance membership solutions.