Overworked or Overwhelmed at Work? How to Tell the Difference

mission7How many times have you given up social engagements, weekends, or even a good night’s sleep for the sake of your job? While IT and tech leaders love being challenged and pitching in on important projects, there’s a fine line between feeling too busy and actually working too much. In today’s world where “busy” is something people tend to brag about, it’s getting harder and harder to tell what a normal amount of work is. So how can you tell if you’re overworked, or just overwhelmed?

Do you have a strong support network of family and non-work friends?

Work is important, but it’s not everything. A workload that consistently interferes with maintaining healthy relationships outside of the office is a red flag that you are working too much.

How are your health and sleeping habits?

Overwork and stress wreak havoc on our health and ability to get a good night’s rest — a vicious cycle that is bound for disaster. If you’re busy all of the time but sleeping soundly and feeling great, you’re probably just overwhelmed, not overworked.

Do you look forward — or dread — going into the office?

Well-adjusted workers might not be clamoring to get back to the office Monday morning, but neither do they dread it. Strong feelings of resentment or fear could mean that your workload is unmanageable.

Can you manage to keep your emotions in check?

If you’re having sudden bursts of emotions that seem out of control and out of the ordinary, that may be another sign of overwork and stress. While it’s normal to experience many different emotions on-the-job, working more than we’re physically and emotionally able can make it harder to maintain a professional demeanor.

Are you meeting your own high standards?

Perhaps the most telltale sign of overwork is a notable decline in your quality of work. After all, if you’ve proven you can excel at your job — and we are sure that you have — you should be able to continue to do so.

If you feel certain you are working excessively, talk to somebody about it today before it becomes a problem. Managers and HR departments know that overworked employees are less happy and less productive than those who are pleasantly challenged. With a just a few small changes, you’ll find that you’re soon able to get back to a normal workload and perform better than ever.


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