Personal Branding and the Interview: Closing the Loop


By Stephen Van Vreede (@ITtechExec)

The Afterthought: Interviewing

CIO resume not looking goodI am amazed at how many people don’t truly prepare for a job interview. It’s the afterthought of the whole job search process. Many short-change the search and the strategies involved as well, but nearly everyone shrugs off the interview. Why? Well, most candidates I speak with are convinced that they are a great interview. Yet when you ask those who themselves have been in a position to hire others, they comment on how such a large percentage interview poorly. Do you think there’s a disconnect here? So what should a candidate do to prepare for an interview? They should start with a review of their personal brand.

Personal Brand Message

Your personal brand simply communicates what makes you special to a prospective employer. Just like a brand message in a resume, your brand statement when communicating verbally needs to by clear and concise. Your audience should be able to digest it in 20 seconds or less.


A mistake that many candidates make that get professional help with their resume is in not carrying over the key themes and accomplishments from the resume into the interview process. The company is impressed with the resume, so they call the candidate in for an interview. At this point, many companies are simply looking at personalities and are trying to validate that the candidate lives up to the lofty claims in the resume. When a candidate isn’t prepared for the interview and is unable to effectively communicate their brand in a face-to-face setting, it can raise the alarm and cause some concern with a trained interviewer. So prepare to reiterate your brand message and prepare to answer common questions with facts that support your brand.

The ITtechExec Way

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