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How to Get A Whole Lot More Than “Just” Another Technical Resume -Tech Resume Sample

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"How to Get a Whole Lot More Than Just Another Technical Resume"


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From your technical resume portfolio and personal branding to your job search launch to your next internal promotion, we cover all the bases to create a unified strategy for how to be successful in this job market.

It’s about doing what works, not just doing!

“Your resume, LinkedIn profile, and cover letter landed me several interviews and two simultaneous offers. I was able to choose the position that was an exact match in a city that my family and I are excited to move to.” Greg S., Certified Project Manager

“What I appreciated most was that you didn’t just create my resume and send me on my way; you also armed me with the resources and options to position myself properly in the market. Now I have a ‘simple’ plan that make me feel ‘certain’ about how I am going to conduct my search. Thanks!!” Suri T., Product Developer

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In our resume sample book, along with samples of our resume portfolio materials, you will discover:

  • Why the technical resume alone is rarely what actually works in today’s job market and why we advocate for a more versatile resume portfolio approach.
  • How age, job hopping, lack of credentials/experience, and so on are NOT your biggest problem in the marketplace.
  • The little known “benefits” approach that will turn your next career move around that very few job seekers have ever heard of or even understand.
  • The price of going it “alone” in today’s job market.
  • Why a resume portfolio approach isn’t a choice; it’s a must in today’s IT / technical job market.

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