Some of My Favorite Twitter Job Seekers

I joined Twitter in January of this year to help promote my new social networking site for job seekers called What I discovered was so much more than just an outlet for all of us Internet marketers. Instead I found a talent pool overflowing with highly qualified professionals that any organization would be privileged to work with.

I don’t know about you, but I am tired of hearing that the best talent are those currently employed, not those looking for jobs. Considering how random layoffs often are these days, I’m not sure I understand the logic in that thinking. Plus, after having spent several years in corporate America, I can honestly say that the crème of the crop is not always the most appreciated. Often it is astonishing who stays and who goes.

So as we go into this holiday weekend, I wanted to take a few minutes to highlight some job seekers I have met on Twitter.

1. @squill1: IT Technical pro with vast knowledge Nortel telecommunications systems. Primary voice contact as well as videoconferencing/WAN experience. Located in Phoenix, Arizona. Connect on Twitter or on

2. @UncleRick: Marketing and Business Professional with 15 years of domestic/global experience. Expertise in the creation and management of successful programs and promotions that meet customer needs and sales forecasts. Located in Cleveland, Ohio (but willing to relocate). Connect on Twitter or on

3. @DavidGraziano: Professional Sourcer & Talent Acquisition Specialist located in Exeter, Rhode Island. Experience in Contract, IT, Pemanent, Staff Augmentation and Corporate Recruiting with extensive Virtual Recruiting and Web 2.0 technologies expertise.

4. @Devoted2HR: HR and Business Development expert with 15 years in sales, marketing, recruitment, benefits administration, and employee relations fields. Located in Orlando, Florida. his job seeker has been a generous volunteer on @jobangels and has helped many job seekers get direction, advice, and leads for their search.

5. @TriumphCIO: VP / Director of IT, Applications; CIO / CTO of SMB, Division, Startup; Consulting Practice Leader. Seeking opportunity in Finance, Defense / Intelligence, Strategic Management Consulting, or Aerospace industries. Located in Chicago, Illinois. This job seeker also has been a generous volunteer on @jobangels and has helped many job seekers get direction, advice, and leads for their search.

6. @Som_M: Lead Materials Engineer looking for opportunity in solar, lighting, energy, electronics, and nanotechnology arenas. Located in Houston, Texas, but willing to relocate to California. Connect on Twitter or on

Like what you see here? Then connect with these users or contact me at @noddleplace, and I will be happy to introduce you to these job seekers.

Obviously, there are so many others I could mention here. If you are a recruiter or hiring pro, and you have positions to fill, please get in touch with me at Perhaps we have some job seekers that fit the bill. I’d hate to see this great talent go to waste.

So who am I anyway? Why do I think my advice is so valuable?

My name is Stephen Van Vreede. My company is called No Stone Unturned, and I have spent 15 years on both sides of the corporate hiring experience.

The short story is that I have an MBA in Marketing from Villanova University and a dual B.S. degree in Finance & Logistics from the University of Maryland. I am a certified professional résumé writer (CPRW) and a member of the Professional Association of Résumé Writers and Career Coaches (PARW/CC). As I mentioned, I paid my dues in the corporate world eventually running a large-scale call center for a major truck rental company, and I have spent the past 7 years with No Stone Unturned, assisting job seekers in achieving their goals.

In February 2009, I launched a new group job hunting networking site: It is absolutely FREE to join, and you have access to everything on the site. Come check it out at NoddlePlace. You can also follow me on Twitter.

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