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Today’s Technical Job Market: Rules of Engagement Have Changed

Today’s Technical Job Market: Rules of Engagement Have Changed

Increasingly, technical professionals must translate how their IT/technical skills and experience provide valuable solutions to business needs and deliver that personal brand message successfully across both traditional (résumé) and social (LinkedIn, etc.) media.

Tech Job Market: 2012 Year in Review

Tech Job Market: 2012 Year in Review

toon-10712012 has been an interesting year for the IT and tech industry. We are going to review some of the highlights…and lowlights… and discuss how these events may shape the year to come. We’ll also review what the events of 2012 mean to active and passive job seekers going into 2013.

Join the discussion and hear expert opinions this Wednesday 12/19 at 3pm ET on twitter at #TCFchat. You can start by posting comments here or on the Tech Career Forum LinkedIn Group page.

The discussion topics include:

1. What were some of the major tech layoffs in 2012? What does that mean for 2013?

2. Offshore outsourcing or insourcing? Which way is the US tech market headed and why?

3. How has the unemployment rate for the general market impacted the IT and tech markets? Are you optimistic about 2013?

4. What are some technologies and/or skills that are in high demand as we get ready to begin 2013?

5. What are the most important takeaways from the events of 2012 to help better position you as a candidate in 2013?


#IT Job Trends and IT Employment Trends: Age/Generation Gap

#IT Job Trends and IT Employment Trends: Age/Generation Gap

IT job trends and the IT job search and tech job search

Do IT job trends and IT employment trends show an age and generation gap?

Many feel that there is a glaring difference between older and younger workers in the technology arena. At the two ends of the extreme you have:

a) Younger workers wanting to get an opportunity to prove themselves, helping their overall marketability for new positions in the IT job market and good pay increases.

b) Older workers knowing that they have proven themselves but concerned about their IT job security and their marketability in this challenging business climate and IT job market.

Either way, both groups are anxious about how they appeal to companies and the technical hiring executives during their IT job search or tech job search.

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