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Executive Resume Strategy for a Technology Software and Innovation Leader

Executive Resume Strategy for a Technology Software and Innovation Leader

second-rightI recently had the opportunity to work with a technology leader – let’s call him Sam — who specializes in solutions architecture design, software development, and innovation, most notably in the areas of real-time Web and mobile solutions as well as business productivity tools. Sam’s company had recently gone through two re-organizations, and he was losing confidence in the direction of the firm, despite being elevated in the company during each restructuring.

Sam’s Challenge

Sam’s problem was that he’d been asked to establish the company’s professional services organization, and he was presenting most of his current information as project-based details. That would be fine if Sam wanted to pursue contract-based or project-based opportunities for his next role, but he craved being part of a larger organization that focused on designing and delivering solutions for internal use.

Thankfully, Sam’s experience included solution design and Web product development at multiple companies over the years, so we were able to successfully present his technical chops in the current role and all his previous roles.

Can You Have Too Much Leadership Experience?

The other factor complicating Sam’s profile was the executive leadership flavor that his current role entailed. Although he didn’t want to be an individual contributor, his passion was to be able to lead a team of engineers, architects, and innovators while being hands-on throughout the entire solution development lifecycle.

His old resume was portraying him as a hands-off business leader who oversaw a consulting group that happened to work in the technology/software realm. This was not getting him the type of calls from companies and recruiters that he was hoping for.

What’s the Solution?

Sam and I had some pretty in-depth conversations about the solutions he and his team actively designed, developed, and delivered. I have to say, some of them were pretty remarkable. I wasn’t the only one that thought so, as they have been implemented at some of the world’s leading tech product firms, insurance companies, and financial institutions, generating some very positive outcomes.

I was able to create a new resume that focused his story on solution design and development as well as on the business problems those solutions helped to address. This totally changed Sam’s narrative, gave him a lot more confidence when speaking with recruiters, and improved the perception that potential suitors had of what he offered to them.

The opportunities that Sam has entertained since our work together are all completely aligned with his passion for being that hands-on innovator and thought leader in the tech space.

So if you find yourself out in the wilderness, wondering where to even begin with your next career move, text “STUCK” to 866-294-1324 to start a dialogue OR click on the calendar below to schedule a free consult.

Stephen Van Vreede

About Stephen—-

Stephen Van Vreede is not your average IT/technical resume writer. He provides career strategy and concierge job search solutions for senior (15+ years) (ITtechExec) and up-and-coming (NoddlePlace) (5-15 years) tech and innovation leaders. Stephen and his team focus on building simplified, targeted, and certain career move campaigns, be it an external search or an internal promotion. He is co-author of UNcommon with career development leader Brian Tracy. Contact Stephen directly at Stephen@ittechexec.com or send him an invite at https://www.linkedin.com/in/stephenvanvreedeTo see whether Stephen and his team are a good fit for you, text “STUCK” to 866-294-1324 to start a dialogue OR click on the calendar below to schedule a free consult:

IT Resume Makeover: Presentation Dictates Response

IT Resume Makeover: Presentation Dictates Response

What Is An IT Resume Makeover? For the IT Professional, having a properly constructed IT resume is vital. This story illustrates just how true that is in regards to the CIO resume…

Why You Should Update Your Resume (Especially When You’re Not Looking for a New Job)

Why You Should Update Your Resume (Especially When You’re Not Looking for a New Job)

Do you need to update your resume? Do you need help updating your resume?

Updating your resume may be more important than you think—even when you’re not currently performing a tech job search!

fam48There’s nothing that gets as many groans of despair as updating a really old IT or technical resume. If you’ve let yours sit in an old computer file untouched for a year or more, it can be a harrowing experience to try to update your resume — especially if you’re in a time crunch. But there are many reasons to keep your IT resume or tech resume up-to-date besides when performing your tech job search and looking for a new job. Here’s why:

When You Update Your Resume, It Empowers You

These days, it’s imperative to keep on your toes when it comes to your IT career. If your job isn’t exactly stable, you still can be by keeping a knockout resume at the ready.

When You Update Your Resume, You Get the Chance to Show Off Your Recent Successes

Promotions don’t always come to those who deserve them — they come to those who know they deserve them. When you make a habit of updating your resume with all of your career wins, it’s proof to you and your boss that you’re doing a great job.

When You Update Your Resume, It Helps You to Understand Your Career

Frequently updating your IT resume means you’ll start seeing patterns in your career — what’s worked, what hasn’t, and how you’ve best been able to make use of your skills and experience. When you understand what makes you happiest at work and what you do best, you’re better prepared to make a smart next move that will land you a job you love.

Haven’t thought to update your resume in ages? Don’t know where to start? Give us a call. We love to provide resume help — in fact, it’s one of our specialties!

Problems-Solutions-Results: Is PSR Part of Your IT Resume Portfolio?

Problems-Solutions-Results: Is PSR Part of Your IT Resume Portfolio?

Although there are a variety of factors involved with any IT job search, in this particular case, the IT director who successfully landed a new position had something in his arsenal that made a big impact in each and every interview he engaged in: a PSR page. In addition to the standard IT resume sections like the IT executive summary and IT resume profile, the PSR page is vital.

#IT Candidates Highlighted

#IT Candidates Highlighted

Technical job search

At ITtechExec, our goal is to comprehensively assist professionals in their tech job search or IT job search. This includes fine-tuning their tech resume or IT resumes whenever needed.

One of our goals here at ITtechExec is to offer a value-added service to our customization of a complete messaging portfolio for our IT/technical clients in their tech job search or IT job search. We want to do that by reaching out across our well-developed network of technical recruiters, HR personnel, and career services leaders to highlight the prestigious backgrounds of our clients.

Many a technical recruiter and employers come to us looking for specific skills sets, and it is our aim to match our clients up with those needs.

Therefore, toward that effort, we will be starting a new segment to our blog that highlights some of our clients each week. We will be sharing this post across all of our network.

Anyone interested in an introduction to one of these clients should contact Stephen at Stephen@ittechexec.com directly.

Sales & Ops Exec leads explosive growth/turnarounds for service biz, builds winning teams/pragmatic solutions (in Philly/Central NJ)

  • Transforms sales organization and team culture
  • Streamlines sales processes and uses technology to increase sales productivity
  • Directs M&A, divestitures, new business unit incubation, market entry/exit, and product/service development strategy
  • Reverses historical flat or negative performance into sustained and highly profitable top-line sales growth
  • Harvard Business School Strategic Leadership Executive Program Graduate
  • Technical sales resume available – tech resume – technical resume

IT Director optimizes performance for project management, operations, governance, applications, etc. (in Northeast TX)

  • 20+ years of experience in technology operations leadership
  • Large-scale project management and program management background
  • Data center and server consolidation projects
  • Compliance, IT service delivery, security, and governance programs
  • Manufacturing, supply chain, inventory management, and forecasting technologies
  • Technology M&A integrations, offshoring, PMO development, and Big  Data/BI reporting solutions
  • IT Director resume available – IT resumesIT resume

Click here for full profile.

EMEA Technology Director, concept to delivery of innovative tech products/solutions with Executive MBA (in the Netherlands)

  • Multi-cultural schooling and professional experience
  • Fluent in 3 languages
  • Fosters business transformation, technology optimization, cost savings, and revenue growth
  • 17+ years of excellence in product development and delivery execution
  • Leads breakthrough new products and programs
  • Resume for IT professional available – IT resumetech resume

Software Engineering Manager, tech product innovation in applications, embedded software, real-time IP (in IL)

  • BSEE from #1 ranked undergraduate engineering school
  • 13+ years of engineering management experience
  • Creates a sense of urgency to drive and empower teams
  • Develops a clear vision and sets a clear objective to get all resources aligned on the same path
  • Designs common solution architecture for cutting-edge new products
  • Leads development using traditional and iterative/Agile methodologies
  • Senior software engineer resume – software engineer resume sample – technical resume example available

Click here for more details.

Healthcare Equipment/Medical Device Sales Executive with 13+ years of healthcare industry experience (in VT)

  • Led growth of capital medical equipment and consumables manufacturer from $25M to $168M over past 7 years
  • Launched new premium products that gained market value through pre-assembled, sterilized, and FDA validated offering with full regulatory compliance documentation
  • Collaborated with medical device manufacturers to develop new products and applications for 3D scanning and tracking devices
  • Technical sales resume available – tech resume – technical resume
CIO.com IT Resume Makeover

CIO.com IT Resume Makeover

I recently had the opportunity to conduct another IT resume makeover with CIO.com as part of their ongoing series.CIO Resume - Ken Montgomery_Page_1

This particular client has been a leader in IT operations, service delivery, and infrastructure management in a variety of fields. He wanted to convey his main focus as an IT executive, which is to better enable the business and to operate at a lower total cost of ownership by implementing new technologies and creating a stable IT environment.

This was another fun project to work on. Please check out the full CIO.com article that has the before and after results.

Feel free to comment directly on the CIO.com site or here if you prefer. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

How to Write Tech Resumes, IT Resumes, or Technology Resumes

How to Write Tech Resumes, IT Resumes, or Technology Resumes

Are You Certain About Your IT Resume?

We’ve created a simple way to find out! (Take Our Quiz!)

NoddlePlace_2Dear IT Pro,

If you’re like most professionals today, the idea of making a career move is a bit daunting. The market is, well, uncertain. It often penalizes you for things you can’t control, like age, gender, too much experience, too little experience. And to top it off, corporate hiring practices are a bit of a mess, despite all the efforts to streamline them.

So it is no surprise then that most IT pros are looking for simplicity and certainty when it comes to their next IT job search, and they’re hoping the main document, the resume, is going to provide that. So they scour the Internet looking at resume sample after resume sample, and read up on all the latest resume gimmicks and trends.

Although all that is fine, after awhile it can make your head spin, and you often don’t feel any more certain than when you started.

What works, and why does it work?

Simplified. Targeted. Certain.

My name is Stephen Van Vreede, and I overcome uncertainty everyday for my senior-level client members as an Executive IT Résumé Writer and Job Search Specialist, as well as a Technical Career Adviser to several news/industry outlets, like TechRepublic, Dice, the Linux Foundation, and CIO.com. I’m also co-author of UNCOMMON with renowned speaker and career coach Brian Tracy (due out June 11, 2015).

uncommon the book with stephen van vreedeAlong with my team of writers and concierge job search agent, from established “techies” (15+ years), to those who lead software/systems development initiatives, to project/program managemers (PMP), to IT strategy visionaries like CIOs and CTOs, and many others in between, they all have one thing in common, most likely the same thing you’re looking for:

To feel certain when you conduct your next career move that you are ready for the market and well positioned to meet its demands (not to hope you are or think you are but to have a level-headed, frank understanding of the market and your place in it).

That’s why after working with hundreds of clients each year, and after reporting on the technical job market to several industry news outlets, my team and I have put together a very simple, anonymous, self-assessment quiz designed to determine whether the IT resume you’ve put together should bring you a level of certainty (or peace of mind) that you are well positioned for the market.

How can an 8-question quiz do all that?

Easy. It looks at a key ingredient in resume design: priorities. If you understand what the priorities should be for the technical job market, then you will build a resume that meets them. If you don’t, then you won’t. You’ll build it for a different set of priorities.

Based on our experience working with hundreds of technical leaders each year, helping them to craft resume and personal brand messages, as well as provide concierge job search solutions, if you can score 80% or better on our quiz, then you are on your way to a simplified, targeted, and certain career move. If not, then there’s some work to be done, no matter how eye-catching your IT resume is or no matter how much you like it.

So, give it a shot. Take the quiz below and find out. It’s free, quick (less than a minute), and anonymous.

CIO.com IT Resume Makeover

CIO.com IT Resume Makeover

CIO IT Resume: IT Asset Manager
CIO.com IT Resume Makeover for an IT Asset Manager

I was recently asked by CIO.com to participate in their IT resume makeover series. Obviously, the company and the client shall remain nameless =)

After working with the extreme makeover participant, I was able to create a document that highlighted his achievements and communicated his story. The story was a key piece, as he had progressed from a field technician type of role into IT support. He then basically created a new role for himself in IT asset management and software licensing compliance by helping the company through a two-year licensing audit.

This was a fun project to work on. Please check out the full CIO.com article that has the before and after results.

Feel free to comment directly on the CIO.com site or here if you prefer. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

This was a great follow up to the TechRepublic.com resume makeover I did this Spring for an IT project manager.

Hey, Consultants, You Are #Entrepreneurs Too

Hey, Consultants, You Are #Entrepreneurs Too

There’s a lot of talk these days about taking on consulting roles when a permanent one just isn’t available. Although I understand the strategy, I do think the advice can be a bit flippant, as if being a consultant should just be a temporary thing and is only a means to an end. The problem is that being a consultant is really about being an entrepreneur, about running a business. And that is something that most people coming out of the corporate mindset have little experience with.