Tech Recruiting Do’s and Don’ts for 2013

technical resume tipsFor some candidates, particularly in the IT and technical fields, recruiting is a mystery. They are not sure what to make of the process, the people involved, and the expected outcomes. But the most common questions surround what to do and what not to do when engaging a recruiter. So on Wednesday 1/30 at 3pm ET, we’re going to talk tech recruiting on #TCFchat on twitter.

Here are the discussion points:

1) What are the biggest resume No-No’s that turn off a recruiter?

2) What types of things on a resume really deliver a strong, positive impact to a recruiter?

3) What are the biggest phone screen or interview No-No’s with a recruiter?

4) What are some things a candidate can verbalize in a phone screen or interview to get a recruiter excited?

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